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The pandemic has caused explosive subscriber growth for many Service Providers.  While growth is good news, it also comes with challenges:

  • Being restricted by a lack of Operational resources like Support and Field Technicians
  • Lack of budget to spend in hiring, training, and employing new staff to support these new subscribers
  • Additional demand in services


Growth Challenges for Service Providers

In 2020, Cable and Wireline providers in the US acquired about 890,000 net additional Internet subscribers!

Service Providers want real answers to the many challenges they are experiencing, such as how to:


The Key to Overcoming Limited Resources

Surpassing these challenges will depend on adopting comprehensive, intelligent solutions that provides agility and flexibility to be able to pivot when the marketplace changes.

Relying on a platform that ties you to a singular vendor may cost Service Providers in more than one way.

Using a cloud-based and hardware agnostic Home Network Management solution offers you the agility and flexibility needed to quickly respond to changes in your markets.  However, not all solutions are hardware agnostic and cloud-based.

Hitron’s hardware agnostic and cloud-based Home Network Management solution is highly scalable, easy to deploy, and doesn’t require a heavy investment in infrastructure or hardware.

That means you can handle your subscriber growth today and tomorrow, to get scalable, future-services that will keep up with that on-going growth and be able to quickly pivot when your marketplace experiences unforeseen change.


Benefits of an Intelligent Solution

Hitron’s solution provides the many benefits and cost saving opportunities that give you a competitive advantage, such as:


Operational Cost Savings

Proactively resolve your subscribers’ WiFi issues, enabling a reduction and avoidance of customer support calls and unnecessary, costly truck rolls (which can average $150/hour per truck roll). Because this solution is a smart WiFi platform, using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, it enables you to resolve more issues faster and remotely, reducing trouble tickets and calls by customers, as well as reducing truck rolls by up to 30% *.


Hardware Compatibility

New hardware is difficult to come by with the chipset shortage, and it’s optimal to leverage what you have already in your inventory without taking on more spend.  A hardware-agnostic solution makes for a more efficient and cost-effective operation, plus what you save on training costs and hardware development cycles, you can leverage elsewhere in your operations.  You don’t need to invest in any new hardware.


Cloud-based & Scalable

Faster deployment, at scale, of new services to your growing customer base is made possible by HitronCloud.


Proactive WiFi Optimization

More efficient use of bandwidth within the home, resulting in less customer complaints about WiFi.


Self-serve Troubleshooting

Allows your subscribers to manage and control all connected devices in their home. This solution has Self-heal & Self-install features. Self-healing networks proactively resolve issues before they affect your subscribers. Self-installation frees up valuable resources to focus on priority issues and gives your customers faster installation and gets their service set up faster.


Marketing Opportunities

Gather detailed data about your subscribers’ home network to ensure the subscribers’ WiFi experience is always optimal.  Obtain Marketing insights to improve your customers’ experience:

  • Broadband Throughput:
    Identify customers not getting the speeds that they are paying for
  • Broadband Disconnections:
    List customers experiencing internet disconnections, with duration of internet disconnection
  • Extender Candidates:
    Report identifying customers with a need for an extender
  • Extender placement:
    Report identifying extenders that have been placed in the wrong location
  • Device Reboots:
    Identify devices experiencing excessive number of reboots per day
  • Devices with high CPU/low memory:
    Identifying customers with device related issues, and could benefit from an equipment swap


Customer Care Tools

  • User-friendly Dashboard
  • Integrated Analytics to identify broadband access issues versus WiFi bottlenecks
  • Automated Diagnostics
  • WiFi performance to optimally allocate channels, bands, client associations and other WiFi configurations
  • Home Network Visibility to extend QoE beyond the RG to the end-user device. Other solutions cannot heal WiFi issues on a per device level.
  • Network data for remote diagnosis
  • Automatic diagnosis and self-healing of WiFi networks to reduce Operational costs
  • End-to-end provisioning for increased QoE
  • Proactive WiFi network health and monitoring
  • Detailed Troubleshooting and Automation
  • Mobile App for Field Techs and Subscriber Self-care


Value-add Products & Services

  • Value-add features such as Speed Test for your subscribers to reassure for themselves that they are getting the speeds they are paying for.
  • API compatibility to offer value-added products and integrate with backend systems for a complete end-to-end experience.


Deploy and Expand at Your Own Pace

Cloud-based means you can gradually deploy and expand in a graduated fashion. It doesn’t require an all-or-nothing approach. This allows you to deploy in areas that need the solution the most, then expand to other service areas as needed. The savings from the initial deployment let you invest in further expansions even offer brand new services to your subscribers.


Hitron’s Home Network Management Solution

Hitron Home Network Management solution includes:


Get the information needed for all teams, including Marketing and Operations, to make informed decisions, backed by data.

And even with limited resources, this solution is designed to help you grow without making heavy investments in hardware and locked-in solutions.

  • Competitive advantage
  • Be faster-to-market
  • Deploy your services at scale
  • Provide self-installation

Hitron is dedicated to helping cable operators capture new opportunities and Adaptive Whole Home WiFi using MyHitron and OptiMy is certainly one of the biggest opportunities that Service Providers can capitalize on in the short-term. Contact our friendly team to find out more.

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