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People are always ready for the next best thing. As customers adopt the latest and greatest smart technologies, they lean on their home network to deliver exceptional speeds and reliability. To the customer, an under performing network is enough to drop their Internet service for another. When disruptions occur, the first response may be to replace the modem or router in the customer’s home but upgrading customer premise equipment (CPE) isn’t always the best solution for improving a customer’s home networking experience. Instead, you can opt for solution options that leverage existing Hitron CPE and intelligent WiFi for an improved customer experience in addition to unparalleled cost savings. With intelligent WiFi management and network support tools like Coax WiFi adapters, you can deliver a superior WiFi experience and avoid major capital investments.


Reducing WiFi Service Tickets

The WiFi home networking market is extremely competitive. Service disruptions and underperforming WiFi networks are the primary trigger for growing customer churn. Subscribers have come to not only expect but require premium tier network speeds for everyday activities. When the WiFi services provided don’t deliver to expectation and the customer experiences noticeable WiFi service disruptions, churn occurs.  Preventing churn is the goal in the competitive marketplace.

When service disruptions occur, oftentimes, the trucks are dispatched, existing equipment is swapped out to alleviate the issues experienced, and the costs stack up. While the subscriber’s service improves, the solution to replace existing CPE isn’t a long-term, future proof option and often results in multiple unnecessary CPE upgrades throughout the customer’s service lifecycle. Rather than repeating the CPE replacement cycle, Service Providers need to focus on fixing the home WiFi experience and performance by considering intelligent whole-home WiFi as the solution. Intelligent WiFi solutions offer long-term WiFi improvements that adapt to changing subscriber needs, essentially future proofing your services while improving current network performance.


Creating an Exceptional WiFi Experience

To create the best possible WiFi experience for your customers, you must consider every element of the home network: CPE, devices, and even the home’s size play a role in the subscribers WiFi performance. For a robust WiFi solution:

  1. The first step to delivering an exceptional WiFi experience is to adopt an intelligent WiFi management solution. The right solution will provide you with invaluable insight into any given subscriber’s home network. With a managed WiFi solution, you can identify underperforming CPE, minimize service disruptions before the subscriber is impacted, remotely deploy service updates and improvements, and leverage advanced security tools that protect your subscribers and your CPE investments. With managed WiFi, every element in the home network is visible, taking the guesswork out of troubleshooting and significantly reducing the number of truck rolls and CPE replacements.
  2. Once you have a managed WiFi solution in place, it’s time to consider the CPE offered to subscribers. Pair existing gateways, routers, and modems with compatible tools like MoCA Adapters, WiFi extenders and WiFi boosters. MoCA network adapters use the existing coaxial wiring to provide a wired network backbone that improves network performance in areas of the home that experience dead zones. These offerings will allow you to extend your services to every corner of the customer’s home while increasing subscriber satisfaction. Plus, these additional network devices can easily be controlled by Hitron’s managed WiFi solution.

With these additional flexible solution options, you can greatly improve your customer’s overall WiFi experience without costly network buildouts or one-trick solutions that don’t meet your immediate needs.


Hitron’s WiFi Solution Options

Hitron’s full suite of solution options are designed to eliminate service disruptions and deliver exceptional WiFi. Enhance your product portfolio by pairing Hitron CPE like gateways and MoCA network adapters with Hitron’s powerful and intelligent network management tools:

  • HitronCloud – HitronCloud is a cloud-based platform that leverages machine learning, AI, and big data analytics for a real-time look into the home network. With Hitron Cloud, you can easily monitor the health of the IP network and increase visibility into WiFi performance and CPE hardware/firmware.
  • OptiMy – OptiMy is part of HitronCloud agent, designed to deliver experience-driven services such as adaptive WiFi and security protection to your subscribers’ home networks. OptiMy uses data insights to proactively monitor and manage subscribers’ WiFi for improved customer experience and reduced customer care costs.
  • MyHitron – The MyHitron app gives your subscribers complete control over their home networking experience. With the MyHitron app, subscribers can easily troubleshoot WiFi issues, optimize their network performance, and personalize their network to meet their needs. Subscribers with the MyHitron app are empowered to take control of their network and reduce their dependency on technical support.

Hitron helps service providers like you to capture new revenue and market opportunities to outperform competitors and to be faster-to-market.  Hitron products create an adaptable and flexible foundation that you need to deliver strategic products and services to customers well into the future.  With our suite of platform and mobile app products, MoCA products and world’s first DOCSIS modem with DTP, you can gain significant advantages from competitors while easily delivering the products and services of the future. Contact our friendly team to find out more.



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