Self-serve Home WiFi Management and Optimization

The MyHitron app is a white-label, self-serve solution that empowers your subscribers to manage, optimize and troubleshoot their home WiFi network directly from their smart device. With intuitive tools enabling self-install, network security, parental controls, troubleshooting and resolving WiFi issues, your customers won’t have to wait on hold for technical support. Easy to access, anytime, from where ever you are with your smart device!

Only sold through Service Providers

Single Sign-on? Yes We Can!

Imagine the enhanced customer experience that your customers will have when they access the MyHitron app seeing YOUR branding and YOUR Single Sign On. Because MyHitron’s power is its flexibility and its world-class User Experience Design, it becomes a true differentiator in your competitive market. Customers access the app seeing your branding and using their own login credentials that they were assigned from your broadband service!


Easy to Use Self-installation and Network Configuration

We developed the MyHitron app with Tier 1 User Experience designers whose knowledge of the cable industry is second to none! Your customers will be able to use our friendly, self-guided onboarding installation journey within the MyHitron app to quickly and effectively authenticate, set-up and configure their home network and broadband account themselves. The easy, step-by-step install process connects the app to the modem/gateway, configures the gateway connects their WiFi and tests the speed of their broadband connection to ensure its performing at its best. That way, your customers are happier and you avoid same day or next day support calls.


Real-time Speed Tests at their Fingertips

For customers who are looking for additional performance details, MyHitron enables your customers to conduct LAN and WAN speed tests to each device to ensure they are performing optimally. Whether its modem to device or WiFi to device, our speed test performs real-time testing to accurately measure download, upload and latency, all with one click, and your customers will receive a diagnosis and recommendation for each test conducted.


Establish Family Rules for Parental Controls

Family Rules are the new Parental Controls. MyHitron app enables your customers to manage and set their parental controls to pause or block individual devices or all devices with a simple click. Parents can immediately or schedule pausing of devices at bedtime or dinnertime, all accessed via their smart device and the MyHitron app!


Gateway and Device Management

The MyHitron app provides a user-friendly and simple-to-use interface for customers to view and manage all connected devices to their broadband and WiFi networks. Your customers can pause or block unwanted devices connected to their network, as well as manage their gateway’s settings or control their devices with one touch. Your customers can view detailed connected device information, such as signal strength, band and channel, download and upload speeds, all in true real-time!


Network Security Protection and Management

The MyHitron app allows your customers to set-up, enable or disable Guest WiFi network(s) to manage their IoT and Smart devices on their home network. In addition, your subscribers can set-up and manage their network/WiFi password, eliminating a call to your Care center. MyHitron provides advanced security protection for all connected devices to the home network, including IoT and Smart devices. By protecting the gateway to the internet, all traffic and connected devices benefit from our security protection.


WiFi and Network Optimization

The MyHitron app gives your customers direct access to their WiFi network’s details and settings all from their smart device! Your customers can check the overall health of their WiFi network, adjusting band, channel, Guest network, network password and name, enable, disable devices, pause devices, adjust security settings or parental controls settings. Powerful flexibility and enablement for your customers means they can easily run diagnostics to quickly identify network issues including identifying devices that are bandwidth hogs and manage those devices, plus they can identify and fix areas in their home with poor WiFi coverage, all without having to call tech support!


Self-Healing Troubleshooting

The MyHitron app can proactively manage and optimize the performance of your customer’s home network to ensure that it and its connected devices are performing at their very best, so your customer experiences flawless broadband and WiFi in their home. With MyHitron, your customers will receive “self-heal” direction when anomalies are detected on devices or their home network, and they will receive proactive maintenance direction to quickly resolve WiFi connectivity issues.


Unleash your customer's WiFi with MyHitron!

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