Coax Cable Tester


Easy coax outlet testing tool instantly let’s you know where to plug in your cable modem! Simply plug the DSS-01 Coax Cable Tester into a coaxial outlet and press the button. In less than 10 seconds, you’ll know whether the outlet is receiving a valid signal from your Cable Internet provider or not. Save yourself time and money!

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Easy-to-use Coax Signal Outlet Tester

This innovative, one-of-a-kind coax outlet tester instantly detects valid signals from your Cable Internet provider with the simple push of a button. Quickly and accurately test all coaxial outlets in your home or apartment to verify if the coax outlet is receiving valid signals from your cable Internet provider, which tells you where you should plug in your cable modem. No more guessing!

Instantly Detect Valid Cable Internet Signals

One-button test gives results in less than 10 seconds. Lights up green when it detects a valid Internet signal at the coax outlet. Lights up red if no signal detected. Save yourself time and avoid the hassle of moving around modems or buying expensive tools that you don’t need. This simple coax testing tool is perfect for homeowners, renters, cable installers, or field technicians who need a quick, simple and accurate test to verify which coax outlets or wiring is receiving a cable Internet signal.

Accurate Testing with Quick Results

The DSS-01 Coax Cable Tester is THE MOST ACCURATE coax testing tool for Internet signals because it’s designed to detect a specific frequency range of signals, so you won’t have false-positives like other coax testing tools that detect voltage or are impeded by hidden splitters on the line. The DSS-01 helps you to avoid errors in testing and gets the job done simply, accurately and quickly.

An Installation Companion for Contract Cable Installers and Field Technicians

Contract Cable Installers or Field Technicians can easily perform a fast and accurate check if the coax wiring or outlets are receiving a valid signal. And in parallel to running other tasks (like installing TV service or a home phone), technicians can test all coaxial outlets at the customer premise to find the best location for the cable modem.


Patent Pending RF Signal Detection Technology

Hitron Americas is a leading provider of RF test equipment for Cable Operators, Internet Service Providers and Carriers. Our experienced team have developed the only solution that can accurately detect valid signals at the coax outlet within a specific frequency range that indicates an active connection from your Cable Internet provider. This cost-effective solution allows you to detect valid signals at the coax outlet or wiring, so you avoid hassles, save time and get the results you need, instantly.

Key Specs

  • Sleek, compact design (Pocket-sized) for easy carrying and use in tight spaces – take it with you wherever you go to test any coax outlet
  • Extremely quick testing results in less than 10 seconds
  • Perform up to 100 scans on a single AAA battery
  • Simple one-button test
  • Easy-to-read green/red LED indicators
  • Voltage protection
  • Uses standard AAA battery included

Get instant and accurate coax testing results today.



Can the DSS-01 detect Satellite signals?

No. The DSS-01 does not detect Satellite signals.

How do I contact Technical Support?
Please click on the Blue Circle with 2 message boxes in the bottom, right-hand corner of this page. A chat window will open and you will be connected to Support.
What type of battery does the DSS-01 take/require?
A standard AAA, 1.5 volt battery
What comes in the box with the DSS-01?
The DSS-01 comes with:
• DSS-01 coax cable tester
• F-81 barrel connector
• One standard AAA battery
How do you use the DSS-01?

The DSS-01 connects to a coax cable or coax outlet by pushing on the F-connector and pressing one button to test the connection for valid signals from your Cable Broadband provider.

Where can I find instructions on how to use the DSS-01?
The actual instructions on printed on the DSS-01.
Is there voltage protection built in to the DSS-01?
Yes, there is built-in voltage protection in the DSS-01 up to 4K volts.
What signals can the DSS-01 detect?
The DSS-01 detects valid signals from your Cable Broadband provider that occur between frequency ranges of 88MHz to 1GHz. It is not designed to detect MoCA or satellite signals.
Will the DSS-01 be able to detect through a splitter?

Yes. The DSS-01 tests and detects a specific range of signals and does not test for voltage.

How many scans can be performed on one battery?

The DSS-01 performs approximately 100 scans on a single AAA battery. 

How big is the DSS-01?
The DSS-01 is compact and pocket-sized. It’s approximately 2.5 inches in length and 1 inch in width.
Will the DSS-01 help me to self-install cable internet?
Yes, most definitely. The DSS-01 is specifically designed to detect the valid signals from your Cable Internet provider, thereby enabling you to detect operational coax outlets and wiring in your home that are ready to receive a cable modem.
Is this a one-person test?
Yes. The DSS-01 is small and compact to fit easily into your hand for one-person testing in very tight areas, without any problems.
I am always getting a Red light with the DSS-01, what should I do?
  • Make sure the AAA battery is in good working order (has a charge)
  • Check that all of your connections are tight/secure
I’m having problems installing the battery
  • Removing the cover for the battery may be stiff and you may need to push with your thumb on the one end to slide it open with a small degree of force. The cover slides to the side and then slightly forward to unhinge two tiny hinges that help to hold the cover in place.
  • Closing the cover for the battery may be tricky – you may need to look at where the small pins are located at the top and bottom of the cover to ensure they are lined up to click in when sliding the cover back into place.
*Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates. As an Amazon Associate, Hitron earns from qualifying purchases. **Actual speeds will vary depending on the condition and noise found on the coaxial wiring. 1 Gbps is the maximum throughput to end devices. The maximum throughput over the MoCA network is up to 1 Gbps. Theoretical data throughput numbers are based on maximum, theoretical PHY throughput for MoCA 2..5. Actual throughput will vary based on the condition and noise found on the coaxial cabling within the home as well as the type of Ethernet Adapter supported on each computer or other device.