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The on-going pandemic has highlighted how critical it is for businesses to be able to change and pivot when the marketplace and customer demands change. Most Service Providers are experiencing unprecedented subscriber growth due to the Work from Home environment we are in.

This growth can present both operational challenges and real opportunities for Service Providers. Challenges like limited Customer Support and Field Technician resources and lack of budget to spend on hiring, training, and employing new staff to support new subscribers and the increased demand in services.

The opportunity to manage these challenges, is to be able to “do more with less”, and that means using smarter solutions.  You need an intelligent, all-encompassing solution that is flexible and scalable, and provides immediate savings and results.  You need a solution that facilitates and supports your future growth.


Growth Strategy

There are three key areas that Service Providers need to focus their growth strategy:

  1. Self-installation
  2. In-home managed WiFi with self-management & optimization
  3. Self-help troubleshooting of the Home Network & WiFi

Coming out of the Pandemic, Service Providers must shift their thinking to building smarter systems and processes that can achieve short-term success as well as support longer-term plans.


True Self-Installation

When looking at intelligent Home Network Management solutions, ensure that the solution is hardware agnostic.  Other Home Network solutions may claim to create a Self-Install solution with adaptive and optimized WiFi, but they are unable to include the modem, router or Gateway in the Self-Install process.  The so-called Self-Install ends up triggering a costly truck roll anyways for the hardware installation which dissolves the cost savings that you may have hoped to realize.  Service Providers need a solution that can work instantly with their existing hardware and doesn’t tie them to any one vendor solution.  That’s where Hitron’s Home Network Management platform is superior in what it has to offer.

Hitron’s cloud-based proactive home network management platform is hardware agnostic, so you can use your existing modems, routers and Gateways without having to make any costly capital investments in new hardware and lets you offer a true Self-Install solution that saves you money.  And because its cloud-based, it gives you the flexibility you need to quickly deploy new services at scale and into service areas that have the most growth.


In-Home Managed WiFi

Hitron’s Home Network Management solution uses the power of the Cloud along with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to:

  1. Resolve WiFi issues that would have resulted in a call to customer support, or even an unnecessary truck roll (which can cost on average up $150/hour per truck roll)
  2. Be proactive in WiFi and Home Network Optimization, means more efficient use of bandwidth within your subscribers’ home, resulting in less trouble tickets for broadband and WiFi, and increased customer satisfaction.
  3. Self-serve Home Network Management, which allows your subscriber to manage and control all connected devices in their home. Self-healing proactively resolves home network issues before they affect the subscriber. Self-installation frees up your valuable resources to focus on priority issues and gives your customers faster installation and gets their service set up faster.


Benefits of Managed WiFi

Now, you can actively manage all aspects of your subscribers’ WiFi and Home Network experience, ensuring they achieve the fastest speeds, the best performance, and corner-to-corner WiFi coverage throughout their homes. Happy customers equal retention equals opportunity for growth of revenue.

Benefits You Get:

  1. Provide Superior Customer Experience
  2. Operational Efficiencies
  3. Self-Installation
  4. Self-Serve Troubleshooting
  5. Self-Healing Home Networks
  6. In-home Product Distribution Channel
  7. New Marketing Insights & Data Analytics

Benefits to Your Operations:

  1. Reduce support costs, which are being driven higher by subscriber WiFi issues.
  2. Reduce subscriber churn and increase customer retention.
  3. Self-guided Install using an easy-to-use a mobile app that gives them the ability to set up and manage their home network, such as changing the name or password associated with their WiFi network, setting up parental controls, and running speed tests.
  4. Reduce call handling time with the detailed troubleshooting dashboard for customer support to view inside the customer’s home network historically and in real-time, to make informed decisions and troubleshooting recommendations.

In addition, Hitron’s Home Network Management solution provides flexibility to leverage APIs to interface with your backend systems and other vendor product solutions, so you can continue to offer value-add products and services into the future while increasing revenues and lowering costs.


Differentiate from your Competitors

Hitron’s solution is a true Self-Install solution that is easy for your customers set up and install. Hitron’s Home Network Management solution includes:

Each of these components works together to improve your customers in-home WiFi experience by proactively optimizing the WiFi network and connected devices for the absolute best performance.


MyHitron App
The MyHitron App can be self-branded and provides a better customer experience and customer freedom through Self-Installation, Proactive WiFi Network Optimization, and Self-Healing.  The MyHitron App guides the customer with the placement of the gateway or Access Point in their home, as well as automatically optimizes all devices connected to the home network.

The MyHitron App enables the customer to manage and control their WiFi.  Customers can create Guest networks, share Guest network access, change passwords, set up and manage Parental controls, have visibility into their networks and connected devices to adjust the performance and to schedule screen time access for their kids.


OptiMy App
When the MyHitron App is combined with our OptiMy App, your Customer Support teams gain unprecedented visibility into the Home Network and WiFi troubles experienced by your customers to quickly resolve issues if a call is required.  With Hitron’s solution, your customers have the freedom and ability to troubleshoot, saving a call in to Customer Support, thereby reducing trouble tickets and avoiding needless truck rolls.


HitronCloud is the central powerhouse of Hitron’s Managed Home Network solution which drives the tools and end-to-end solutions to give greater flexibility and control to Service Providers.  HitronCloud facilitates the enhanced and managed delivery of support, services, data insights, management and optimization of home broadband networks and devices in the customer’s home at scale. You’re empowered with the ability to determine when and where deployments and upgrades will take place, and you can measure the results in real-time.

HitronCloud also leverages Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to enable smarter WiFi in your customers’ homes. The customer’s WiFi experience is optimized to provide the best possible connection and speeds to every connected device in the home.  In addition, the data insights produced by the home network helps you understand service quality, visualize trends, and proactively identify network issues before they impact your subscriber – possibly preventing customer churn. With the power of contextual data, you can make informed decisions, personalize your subscribers’ experience to better retain existing customers and remotely troubleshoot with subscribers, eliminating the need for costly truck rolls and unnecessary CPE replacements.  The options are endless.

Hitron is dedicated to helping Broadband operators capture new opportunities and Managed  Whole Home WiFi using MyHitron and OptiMy is certainly one of the biggest opportunities that Service Providers can capitalize on in the short-term. Contact our friendly team to find out more.

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