Uplift your Wi-Fi experience

Best-in-Class Home Network Management Solution

Hitron offers a full solution “family” of apps, gateways, extenders, and intelligent diagnostic tools designed give you and your subscribers the intuitive, intelligent tools needed to self-serve and self-manage broadband and WiFi services in the home.


…the End User App

The new, MyHitron+ app uniquely offers Multi-location Management, that enables your customers to remotely manage multiple locations, such as an elderly parent’s home network or a second office location, from a single account.  A redesigned user interface provides seamless usability and elevated user experience.  With additional features such as advanced self-guided Care, your subscribers are guided through troubleshooting steps in their home network.  Protect the entire network with industry-leading SecuringSam cyber security, including protection for IoT and SmartHome devices.


…the WiFi Manager for Diagnostic and Optimization Expertise

Hitron’s OptiMy service manages and optimizes residential WiFi home networks, enabling you to deliver enhanced Quality-of-Experience for your residential subscribers. OptiMy leverages cloud-based machine learning and big data analytics to evaluate historical and real-time conditions of your customer’s WiFi environment, and provides self-healing capabilities that works with a powerful software agent integrated in Hitron’s gateways.


…the Central Powerhouse

HitronCloud is a cloud-based platform that drives a fully-integrated service delivery solution that leverages Machine Learning, AI and Big Data to provide real time visibility to the health of the IP network, HFC plant, in-home wiring, Wi-Fi, and health of the CPE hardware/firmware connected to the whole home network. These gathered insights, coupled with our management software solutions, make installation, service activation and repair efficient and best-in-class for the customer’s experience.

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