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Up to 50% of broadband service calls taken by Internet Service Providers today are related to the customer’s home WiFi network.

Each of these calls cost you between $5 and $30.

And up to 15% of your customers need more than one call to resolve their WiFi issue.

These costs add up fast and can put a significant strain your Operating expenses.


Increase of Smart Home Devices & WiFi Issues

Over the past two years while people were spending more time at home, Smart home adoption exploded.

36% of broadband households have at least one smart device, which means your customers require the support to connect, integrate and configure those smart devices as they add more to their home networks.

And as the number of smart home devices increase, so does the number of apps needed to manage them.

With so many different devices and apps to keep track of, it’s no wonder that 41% of consumers find it difficult to manage their smart home. A central controller that can manage all these different devices and functions is needed to make life easier for your customers.


Resolving WiFi Issues

This means that now, more than ever, your Support services team plays a significant role in your customer’s experience with your company and brand.

According to a study by Parks Associates, 66% of US broadband households with smart home devices are interested in online tools that empower them to resolve their technical problems themselves.

With demand like that, it’s crucial to the success of your business as an ISP, to provide those tools that will give both your customers and your Support team visibility into the home network’s activity, performance and connected devices.


How to Eliminate Guesswork

Hitron’s Home Network Management solution enables you to virtually eliminate the guesswork that takes place today when troubleshooting and diagnosing WiFi and broadband issues in your subscribers’ home.

Hitron’s Home Network Management solution is cloud-based and hardware agnostic, so you can easily deploy it into every customer’s home without the expense of having to replace any hardware or roll any trucks to swap equipment.

Our solution proactively optimizes your customers’ in-home network and connected devices, so they are always performing at the very best speeds and operating at their full potential.

Hitron’s Home Network Management solution provides the visibility needed into your customers’ home WiFi networks to accurately troubleshoot, diagnose, and resolve issues while avoiding trouble tickets and truck rolls.

As a result, you see a lot of decreases in areas like:

  • Technical Support calls
  • Unnecessary truck rolls
  • Operational costs
  • Customer churn


Which means increases in areas like:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Revenue and profit



Benefits for Support Teams

The tangible benefits and value of Hitron’s solution to Support, Operational teams, and Field Technicians is paramount. Specifically, in areas like:

  • Reduced Support calls, which make up a large portion of expenses. It has been estimated that the cable industry spends more than a billion dollars a yeartroubleshooting home WiFi.
  • Informed Tech Support teams, which today fly blind with little or no visibility into the customers’ home network, with interactions resulting in trouble tickets issued or trucks dispatched to investigate, and trouble shoot the situation further.



Hitron’s Solution & How it Works

Hitron Home Network Management is made up of Hitron Cloud, MyHitron App & OptiMy. Each of these components works together to make WiFi better for customers and Operators alike.

Here’s how:


Hitron’s proactive WiFi optimization and network management resolves WiFi issues that would have resulted in a call to customer support, or even an unnecessary truck roll (average cost per truck roll is $150/hr).

With visibility into your customers’ home networks, you can proactively get ahead of issues and get straight to the exact problem instead of doing costly guesswork. In turn, this helps reduce and even eliminate any troubleshooting guesswork that leads to bigger expenses and churn for your business.


Customers can Self-install using the MyHitron App with their gateway.

  • Optimize the placement of the gateway or Access Point in the customer’s home.
  • Automatically optimize the device performance connected to that gateway.

Customers can be sure they are optimally setting up their devices. No guesswork.

Proactive WiFi Network Optimization

MyHitron App empowers the customer to manage and control their WiFi by:

  • creating Guest networks
  • sharing Guest network access
  • changing passwords
  • Parental controls
  • having visibility into their networks to adjust the performance of connected devices
  • schedule screen time access for kids

No guesswork in which controls, and configurations are on their network since they have full control.


Lastly, with MyHitron App, the WiFi network is constantly adapting and optimizing its performance and the performance of the devices connected to it. Paired with OptiMy and HitronCloud, your Customer Support teams have visibility into the WiFi troubles to resolve quickly if a call is required. However, customers have the freedom and ability to troubleshoot, saving the Carriers on calls or trouble tickets, and avoiding needless truck rolls.


Save Truck Rolls and Guessing

When you and your customers are assured every step of the way, you reduce unnecessary and costly truck rolls, so you can shift valuable resources to focus on other strategic initiatives, such as completing more new service Installation and Repair services to higher share-of-wallet customers such as Businesses.

Hitron’s Home Network Management solution is an all-encompassing solution that is hardware-agnostic, cloud-based to provide flexibility to leverage APIs to interface with backend systems down the road, increase customer satisfaction, produce immediate cost savings by reducing calls and truck rolls.

This solution will enable you to increase revenues, reduce operational costs, reduce customer churn, and increase customer satisfaction. All of this translates to increased revenues and lower costs, or increased profit.

Hitron’s Home Networking solution provides everything you need to get rid of the guesswork and get ahead of or straight to the root issue.

Hitron is dedicated to helping cable operators capture new Home Network Optimization opportunities. Contact our friendly team to find out more.

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