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It may sound counter-intuitive, but you really can get more customers installed without sending out more trucks.  When you set up your business to work smarter and not harder, you can onboard your new customers faster and save on installation costs.

Service Providers know, that a delayed installation timeframe means higher risk to customers churning or cancelling their new service.  Faster onboarding of broadband customers using Self-guided Installation can stop competitive win back attempts that may have jeopardized your new customer acquisition efforts in the past.


Self-guided Installs

Self-guided Installs or Self-Installations are not new, however when you leverage the power of the cloud and intuitive, easy-to-use apps, you have a significant competitive edge.

Self-installations can future-proof your services since your new broadband services and products can be delivered at scale, directly into your customers’ homes via the cloud without lengthy wait times or professional installations.  You are able to set up and activate the customers’ broadband service faster, while avoiding costly truck rolls and limited resources.

To do this, you need an intelligent WiFi solution for Self-Installation that gives your customers more control and assurance in their own homes. And Hitron’s Home Network Management solution is equipped out of the box to make this happen.


The Power of Cloud-based

A cloud-based solution such as Hitron’s Home Network Management platform, creates a service delivery channel directly into your customers’ homes.  Activation and deployment of products and services are achieved at scale and without lengthy wait times or professional installations.

Hitron’s Home Network Management solution provides the tools and end-to-end solution you need to enhance and manage the delivery of support, services, data insights, management and optimization of home broadband networks and devices in your customer’s home.


Hitron’s Solution & How it Works

Hitron Home Network Management gives you and your subscribers the intuitive, intelligent tools needed to self-install and self-manage broadband and WiFi services in the home.

Hitron’s solution is made up of three key cornerstones to give you optimal flexibility:

Here’s how:


Customers use the friendly, self-guided onboarding installation journey within the MyHitron App to authenticate quickly and effectively, set-up and configure their home network and broadband account themselves. They can also use the DSS-01 coax cable tester to test their coax wiring and coax outlets to determine which ones are receiving an Internet signal. This easy, step-by-step install process connects the app to the modem/gateway, configures the gateway, connects their WiFi, and tests the speed of their broadband connection to ensure it’s performing at its best.

Proactive WiFi Network Optimization

The powerful combination of HitronCloud and MyHitron App provides a simple, user-friendly interface for your customers to check the overall health of their WiFi network, adjust band, channel, guest network settings, network name and password, enable/disable/pause devices, adjust security settings and parental controls settings. The MyHitron App enables your customers to easily identify and fix WiFi issues, such as slow WiFi speeds and dropped WiFi connections, all without having to call tech support!

The MyHitron App empowers your customer to manage and control their WiFi by creating Guest networks, sharing Guest network access, changing passwords, Parental controls, having visibility into their networks to adjust the performance of connected devices and to schedule screen time access for kids. No guesswork in which controls, and configurations are on their network since they have full control.

Self-Healing Troubleshooting

The MyHitron app can proactively manage and optimize the performance of a customer’s home network to ensure each customer experiences flawless broadband and WiFi in their home. Customers receive guided “self-heal” direction when anomalies are detected on devices or their home network, so they can quickly resolve WiFi connectivity issues.

Your Customer Support teams will also gain detailed visibility into customer WiFi issues, with OptiMy and HitronCloud, your CSRs can accurately diagnose issues and make informed decisions to quickly resolve WiFi troubles if a call is required. However, customers have the freedom and ability to troubleshoot with the intuitive tools provided, reducing support calls and trouble tickets, and avoiding unnecessary repair visits.


Resolve More Issues Proactively

By offering Hitron’s Home Network Management solution, you address key pain-points for your subscribers, as well as provide a smarter solution for onboarding and delivering Internet and WiFi services to your customers.  Your Customer Support organization are empowered with intelligent tools and detailed customer data to make informed decisions that can save you money.

Hitron’s solution is an all-encompassing solution that is hardware-agnostic, cloud-based to provide flexibility to leverage APIs to interface with your backend systems, increase customer satisfaction, and produce immediate cost savings by reducing Support calls and truck rolls.

With Hitron’s Home Network Management platform, you can actively manage all aspects of your customers’ WiFi experience and open the door to new revenue opportunities.

Hitron is dedicated to helping cable operators capture new opportunities using Hitron’s Home Network Management solution. Contact our friendly team to find out more.

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