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Providing Broadband service troubleshooting, diagnostics, and maintenance for remotely located communities has long been a challenge for Service Providers. It’s common that a Field Technician must travel up to 1-3 hours to get to the rural location that needs troubleshooting.

The Challenge:
Your valuable resources and expertise are unavailable to you – tied up traveling and they could be used on higher priority trouble and repair issues elsewhere. Read: Costly.

The Solution:
Fortunately, Hitron offers a solution that gives your Technicians and Customer Support visibility into customer home networks as well as their connected devices, remotely. Instead of needing to be on site, your Technicians and Support can remain remote and still get the job done, saving you costs and improving customer satisfaction.

Hitron’s Home Network Management solution provides a suite of tools for you to troubleshoot, diagnose, and resolve issues without having to dispatch a costly truck roll or mis-diagnosing WiFi broadband issues. It is a cost-effective solution that can provide instant cost savings.


What Challenges does Hitron’s Solution Solve?

According to Parks Associates, nearly half of broadband subscribers’ report having ongoing technical issues with their WiFi connectivity, including slow speeds, dropped connections, poor coverage, and more. Hitron’s Home Network Management solution takes the mystery out of diagnosing any issues and giving control to the subscriber to identify and solve any issues they’re having on their own without having to wait on Technicians. This is especially important for your remotely located subscribers.

Hitron’s Home Network Management solution is cloud-based, hardware agnostic and equipped to solve the many challenges you face today with your current operational needs, processes, and subscriber satisfaction, including:

  1. Proactive WiFi and Home Network Optimization. Subscribers get more efficient use of bandwidth within their homes. Better WiFi results in less complaints and more satisfaction.
  2. Self-Installation gives customers more control & reduces waiting time. The Self-Install component of this system lets subscribers set up their service faster, allowing you to use your installation resources elsewhere where they are needed most. This is perfect for expanding and enhancing services for remote, rural users without ever having to be onsite.
  3. Self-Service gives customers more control of their active home network. The Self-Serve component of this system allows your subscribers to manage and control all the connected devices in their home.
  4. Home Network Management tools are easy for customers to use. Such as the Speed Test tool, which allows subscribers to run their own speed tests to reassure themselves that they are getting the speeds they are paying for.


Meeting Operational and Business Needs

Meeting your subscribers’ needs is critical, but so is keeping business and operational needs in mind. While Hitron’s Home Network Management is designed for happier customers in the end, it is also designed to make operations run smoother and reduce costs where they can be saved.

Hitron’s Home Network Management solution provides:

  1. Proactive resolution of WiFi issues remotely. The key component is that everything can be done from the plant. Gone are the days of issues that would have resulted in a call to customer support, or even an unnecessary truck roll. Of course, there are times where customer support and truck rolls are necessary, but with this system you will have those valuable resources available and not tied up on unnecessary jobs.
  2. Your business goal is to grow and that requires a cloud-based platform to give you flexibility. Hitron’s solution is cloud-based, which means faster deployment of new services to your growing customer base. At what rate you deploy and expand is up to you, whether it’s gradual or mass, you’ve got the support and ability to do it.
  3. You need a solution that is hardware agnostic. This is another big money saver because there is no new investment of hardware required. This solution fits in with the devices you and your customers are already using.
  4. Operational cost savings create new revenue opportunities. In today’s world, you need to balance between managing costs, driving better customer experience, and developing new revenue opportunities. Offer your subscribers real value in the form of a better online experience, including subscribers in remote locations.


Strategic Opportunities

There’s a direct correlation between an improved WiFi experience for your subscribers and a reduction in WiFi-driven support costs. Smart Carriers who shift their focus to enhancing the Product and the Process (workflows) through managed WiFi secure several strategic opportunities:

  • Reduced WiFi-related calls coming into your help desk.
  • Reduced dollars spent on the resources needed to handle these calls.
  • Better decision-making since your Customer support representatives are better equipped with full visibility into the specific problems your subscribers are experiencing, no matter where they are located.
  • Reduced call-handling since your Customer support representatives have detailed information available to them to properly diagnose and troubleshoot issues in less time and are less likely to dispatch an unnecessary and costly truck roll, trying to resolve the problem.

All of this adds up to a significant reduction in costs (both dollars and time) for you, your subscribers, and your customer support organization.

Hitron is dedicated to helping cable operators capture new opportunities and Adaptive Whole Home WiFi using MyHitron and OptiMy is certainly one of the biggest opportunities that Service Providers can capitalize on in the short-term. Contact our friendly team to find out more.

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