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In these Economic times, it’s important for Service Providers to find smarter solutions to operational challenges. The key lies within optimizing everyday workflows to remove the “work” and freeing up depleted resources while providing better services to your subscribers at no extra cost.  This is especially true for provisioning and supporting WiFi in customers’ homes and businesses.


Common Service Workflows

Provisioning and supporting WiFi can be costly. Over 50% of all WiFi related issues are handled through Customer Care Support. These calls cost between $5 and $30, and up to 15% of your customers need more than one call to resolve their WiFi issue. By taking a strategic approach, you can streamline and improve these workflows, as well as pave the way for future improvements to other services.

WiFi service generates the majority of workflow activity in the following areas:

  1. Customer Onboarding
  2. Customer Issue Resolution
  3. Technical Issue Resolution
  4. Customer Engagement
  5. Inbound Customer Calls

Optimizing your workflows are essential to the future success of your business and fundamentally improves productivity. Complex systems and strategies can get in the way of achieving an efficient workflow that increases performance and excellence.  You need a solution that will give your workflows the flexibility and agility to pivot when your marketplace changes or customer needs change.


The solution:

A cloud-based proactive WiFi optimization and network management tool like Hitron’s Home Network Management platform. It’s a smart solution that proactively resolves WiFi issues, freeing up resources so you can focus on other profit-generating services. Managed WiFi reduces trouble tickets and customer service calls, as well as truck rolls by up to 30% * (*OMDIA research).


Hitron’s Solution for Optimizing Workflows

Hitron’s Home Network Management solution can optimize your workflows, helping you lower operational costs and increase your savings. You can quickly create more efficient and smarter workflows, such as:

  • Self-Installation
  • Self-Managed Home Networks
  • Self-Healing WiFi
  • Proactive Troubleshooting
  • Remote Troubleshooting
  • Customer Relationship Management tools
  • New Marketing Data

and more.

Hitron’s solution includes three key components:

Benefits and Workflow Optimizations:

1. Speed up Onboarding & Streamline Installation

The average installation time for Service Providers is 3 to 7 days for a Professional Installation. During this waiting period, your customer can become very vulnerable to “buyers’ remorse” or “competitive clawback/winback offers.”

Save everyone’s time and the risk of customer churn or slippage with Hitron’s Self-Installation kit. Your customers will be more satisfied with their onboarding experience and their broadband connectivity success will be ensured.

The Self-Installation kit can be sent directly to your customers’ home. It lets them activate the service themselves through a guided installation process using the MyHitron App to optimize the setup and installation of Internet and WiFi, just before the service due date. Add to that Hitron’s DSS-01 Coax Cable Tester, which accurately tests if the customers’ coax cable outlet or wiring is receiving a valid broadband signal. The MyHitron app is white-labeled, so you can add your brand to your customers’ onboarding experience.  The MyHitron app intuitively guides your customers to locate/choose the best location for setting up their modem/router prior to starting the Installation process. Now your technicians can focus on higher priority tasks.


2. Self-Healing Home Networks

A Self-Healing WiFi network proactively optimizes the performance of the customers’ WiFi throughout the entire home, including the performance of the connected devices.   Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), Hitron’s Home Network Management solution proactively resolves everyday issues that once were typically reported by customers, helping you to avoid an inbound trouble call to Customer Care.


3. Proactive & Remote Troubleshooting

Technical issue resolution is now streamlined, using ML and AI, your customers’ home networks and in-home WiFi becomes Intelligent and Self-Optimizing. Performance adjustments are automatically made to the home network/WiFi and connected devices for optimal performance and connectivity, and WiFi issues are proactively resolved. Most of this is done without the customer becoming aware of an issue.

Because Hitron’s Home Network Management solution is cloud-based, your Customer Care and Operations teams can remotely troubleshoot issues in the home network.  HitronCloud acts as the central powerhouse to Hitron’s solution, giving you the flexibility, you need to make informed decisions when issues appear, and to gather Marketing insights to help with future revenue opportunities.


4. Optimized Customer Issue Resolution

Hitron’s Home Network Management solution offers detailed data insights of your subscribers’ home network and WiFi to give your Operations and Customer Care teams unprecedented information to accurately troubleshoot and diagnose network issues, rather than guessing at what the issue might be.  This will shorten call handling times because they will have the historical data and can monitor the customer experience over time.


5. Customer Engagement & Marketing Opportunities

Hitron’s Home Network Management solution gathers data analytics to provide detailed visibility and insights into your customers’ home networks, which can be used for Marketing strategies that will increase revenues.  Insights such as:

  • Broadband Throughput: Identify customers not getting the speeds that they are paying for.
  • Broadband Disconnections: List customers experiencing Internet disconnections, with duration of internet disconnection.
  • Extender Candidates: Report identifying customers with a need for an extender.
  • Extender placement: Report identifying extenders that have been placed in the wrong location.
  • Device Reboots: Identify devices experiencing excessive number of reboots per day.
  • Devices with high CPU/low memory: Identifying customers with device related issues, who could benefit from an equipment swap or upgrade.


These detailed insights of your customers’ home networks will provide your marketing team with valuable marketing opportunities.

To stay competitive in this ever-changing industry, cable operators need to find new ways of providing services. Hitron’s Home Network Management solution will improve your customers’ home network, WiFi, and security in a single easy to use platform. With the ability to leverage API’s to provide flexibility and interface with backend systems, as well increase customer satisfaction, you’ll be able reduce costs by reducing calls or truck rolls right away!

Hitron is dedicated to helping cable operators capture new revenue opportunities using Hitron’s Whole Home WiFi solution.  Contact our friendly team to find out more.

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