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In-home WiFi networks are a gateway to major sources of service insights and revenue opportunities to help Service Providers remain competitive. For an ISP, WiFi network data offers visibility into key subscriber experience, metrics, usage patterns, network performance, and market insights. Through this data, you can create informed decisions and strategies that not only improve on the bottom line, but also improve customer satisfaction, resulting in additional revenue.


Impacts of WiFi Data Insights

A Managed WiFi solution within subscriber home networks can identify Marketing opportunities and untapped revenue streams for Service Providers, in addition to identifying Operational efficiencies and improvements.  Using data insights gathered by AI and ML enables Service Providers to identify various business opportunities, such as:


Marketing Opportunities:

  • Extender Candidates:Report identifying customers with a need for an extender
  • Extender Placement:Report identifying extenders that have been placed in the wrong location
  • Broadband Throughput:Identify customers not getting the speeds that they are paying for
  • Broadband Disconnections:List customers experiencing internet disconnections, with duration of internet disconnection
  • Devices Upgrade Candidates: Identifying customers with devices with high CPU/low memory issues, who could benefit from an equipment swap or upgrade
  • Device Reboots:Identify devices experiencing excessive number of reboots per day


Operational Opportunities:

  • Network Performance: Identifies customer network performance and provides detailed information on how the network and connected devices are performing, giving them a better-quality experience
  • Intermittent Network Issues: Identifies which areas and which customers are having intermittent and consistent issues, and what those specific issues are so the Operations team can make informed decisions on network and equipment upgrades
  • Proactive Issue Identification: Identifying issues with the customers’ network and issuing proactive trouble tickets to resolve before the customer calls to churn away
  • Speed Test: Conduct a speed test to see if customers are getting the speeds that they are paying for (this is significant as this is one of the top calls that come into the Call Center = slow speeds)


The data gathered from the WiFi network provides you with actionable insights. With all of this data at your disposal, you can make informed decisions that set your service apart from your competition. In addition, the data can also help you pinpoint areas that need improvement to ensure your subscribers are getting the services they need and increase your customer-value.


Using Managed WiFi for Network Data


Hitron’s Home Network Managed WiFi solution enables Service Providers and their customers with unparalleled network visibility. The benefits of offering a Managed WiFi solution are twofold:

  1. Customers have more opportunities to personalize their home networking experience
  2. Service Providers have the ability to gain invaluable insights to improve on network performance and services


From the subscriber side, Hitron’s Managed WiFi offers key value-added services like self-help troubleshooting, parental controls, and easy network and device management tools. Managed WiFi empowers your customers to take an active role in their home networking experience, resulting in fewer technical support calls and truck rolls.


With a Managed WiFi solution, you’re able to remain agile, addressing customer pain points while also evolving your services to meet your subscriber needs from a competitive advantage. And, you can use this information to better understand your customer, network performance, and marketing trends to create more impactful deliverables, such as value-added services and next generation network enhancements.


Best-in-Class Home Network Management Solution


Hitron’s Home Network Management solution is a cloud-based solution comprised of three essential elements:

  1. MyHitron™ is a white-labeled self-service app that puts the entire home network control and management within the subscribers’ hands.
  2. OptiMy™ is an advanced network management and optimization tool to help your Operations team deliver the highest quality network experience possible to your subscribers.
  3. HitronCloud™ provides real time visibility to the health of the network, HFC plant, WiFi, and health of the CPE hardware/firmware connected to the whole home network.


With Hitron’s suite of intelligent managed WiFi solutions, you can address key factors that cause churn and other instances of revenue loss.   Hitron helps Service Providers to capture new opportunities to outperform competitors and to be faster-to-market. With Hitron’s products Service Providers create the adaptable and flexible foundation needed to deliver strategic products and services to customers well into the future, regardless of what is happening around them. Contact our friendly team to find out more.

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