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The interactions between Service Providers and customers are typically limited to initial installations and troubleshooting. In both scenarios, a truck roll is often necessary to ease the customer’s transition to a new installation or resolve service issues within the customer’s home. As Service Providers rely heavily on truck rolls, it has been reported that up to 25% of truck rolls don’t add value and are a waste of capital and resources. Connecting with your customer is essential to maintain service quality and build brand loyalty, but direct interaction through truck rolls is not the only way to achieve that relationship anymore. Adaptable in-home solutions create a service delivery channel that gives Service Providers several competitive advantages to deliver new products and services directly into customers’ home, including a superior home networking experience, all without the expense of a truck roll.


Removing the Truck Roll

While sometimes necessary, truck rolls are often inefficient, ineffective, and expensive. The Technology Service Industry Association estimates that the average truck roll costs $1000, with all costs factored in, and can climb higher if the truck is dispatched at night or the technician is working overtime. In addition, service calls can often lead to additional truck rolls when the technician doesn’t have all customer data available to them at the time of the initial call.

Implementing a service delivery channel into customers’ homes is instrumental in reducing truck rolls. Adaptive Home Network Management solutions offer extensive benefits to both subscribers and Service Providers, utilizing intelligent in-home equipment, apps, and cloud-based tools to efficiently improve all elements of service delivery and home networking. Cloud-based solutions allow Service Providers to deploy important service updates directly to subscriber hardware remotely, greatly reducing the number of truck rolls required upon service rollouts. As a result, Service Providers gain visibility into the Gateway and the home network to ensure the success of the rollout and reduce customer impacts.   In addition to visibility, Service Providers can utilize the data provided by in-home networking equipment to identify and develop service enhancements or upgrades based on current network performance and efficiently address and deploy customer facing network improvements remotely, eliminating the need for a costly truck roll.


Adaptable Service Delivery Channel Solutions

Adaptive Managed solutions such as cloud management, intelligent apps, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are the key to gaining a competitive advantage, allowing Service Providers to deploy new products and services to market quickly and effectively. A proactive approach is essential in gaining and retaining customers through improving their service journey experience. Hitron has worked with Tier One Cable Operators to develop a suite of adaptable solutions for subscribers and Service Providers alike.

  • MyHitron App – The MyHitron app is designed for your subscribers, allowing them to manage, optimize and troubleshoot their home WiFi network directly from their personal devices like a smart phone or tablet. The MyHitron app features intuitive tools that enable subscribers to self-install hardware, implement network security and parental controls, and troubleshoot/resolve WiFi issues, resulting in fewer technical support calls and truck rolls.
  • OptiMy™ – Hitron’s OptiMy software leverages the intelligence and data insights of Machine Learning and AI to for proactive home network management and optimization. OptiMy delivers experience-driven services such as adaptive WiFi and security protection to your subscribers’ home networks, eliminating unnecessary technical support calls and avoiding a truck roll, which translates into significant cost savings.
  • HitronCloud – HitronCloud drives the tools and end-to-end solutions for Service Providers to enhance and manage the delivery of support, services, data insights, management and optimization of home broadband networks and devices in the customer’s home at scale. HitronCloud works with APIs to deliver new services and integration with backend systems for further efficiencies.

Adaptability is key to long-term success of Service Providers. The Hitron suite of flexible solutions helps Service Providers to anticipate changes in the market and subscriber needs for a proactive approach.  Having the ability to pivot the delivery of services and new products directly into the customers’ home, as well as provide remote support for these services and products.

Hitron helps Service Providers to capture new opportunities during these rapidly changing times. Hitron’s’ products create the adaptable and flexible foundation that you need to deliver strategic products and services to your customers well into the future. With our Home Network Management platform and mobile app products, you gain significant advantages from your competitors while easily delivering the products and services of the future, regardless of what’s happening around you. Contact our friendly team to find out more.


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