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According to Parks Associates, nearly half of broadband subscribers report having ongoing technical issues with their WiFi connectivity, including slow speeds, dropped connections, poor coverage, and more.  WiFi support calls are costly for your business. These calls tie up resources solving less urgent tickets. And even more valuable resources dispatched with unnecessary truck rolls. And let’s not forget the risk of customer churn due to dissatisfaction with their WiFi service. Everything you don’t want for your business longevity.

The solution to this challenge is to put more control and visibility in the customer’s home and hands. Equipping your customers with an easy to use mobile app that lets them actively manage their WiFi experience, ensures that they obtain the best performance and WiFi coverage throughout their home. That’s where Hitron’s Home Network Management system comes in.

This solution optimizes in-home WiFi and proactively self-heals issues, which reduces the number of WiFi support calls your Support team receives. With Hitron’s Home Network Management solution, customers can Self-Install (using the MyHitron App), Self-Heal their networks and Self-serve to make network changes, create guest networks, manage connected devices and much more.


Home Network Management for You & Your Customers

Hitron’s managed WiFi, includes HitronCloud and MyHitron App which provide you with three main strategic pillar: Self-Installation, Self-Healing & Troubleshooting, and Proactive WiFi Network Optimization. Working together, these three pillars help to reduce support calls and retain your customers:


Self-Installation Reduces Costs for On-Site Technicians

Self-installation is the key for your customers that use the MyHitron App with their Hitron gateway. The MyHitron app optimizes the placement of the gateway or Access Point in their home and optimizes the device performance connected to that gateway. You save time and resources by reducing on-site visits with your customers being able to do installation themselves.


Self-Healing & Troubleshooting Reduces Calls & Truck Rolls

Your customers’ WiFi network is constantly adapting and optimizing its performance and device performance with the MyHitron app. But like with all technology, there is bound to be something that needs troubleshooting. With MyHitron app, your customers can troubleshoot at home. Your Tech Support team/technicians still have visibility into the WiFi troubles to resolve quickly if a call is required. But giving your customers a network setup to self-heal, or the control to troubleshoot themselves, you save time and resources by reducing calls, trouble tickets and avoid costly truck rolls.


Proactive WiFi Network Optimization Reduces Customer Churn

MyHitron app lets your customers manage and control their WiFi. With the app, customers can do all the things they want to do on their network, including:

  • Change passwords
  • Create Guest networks
  • Share Guest network access
  • Configure Parental controls
  • Get full visibility into their networks
  • Adjust the performance of connected devices
  • Schedule screen time access for kids.

And more. With more controls, your customers remain satisfied, which means more retention and reduced churn.

Hitron is dedicated to helping cable operators capture new opportunities and Adaptive Whole Home WiFi using MyHitron and OptiMy is certainly one of the biggest opportunities that Service Providers can capitalize on in the short-term. Contact our friendly team to find out more.


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