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Revenue and customer experience go hand in hand. When you’re providing your customers with the services they need and delivering a top-of-the-line experience, you’ll gain subscribers and retain existing customers. Today, that is easier said than done as customer needs and expectations are greater than ever. As a Service Provider, you’re challenged to get creative with how you reach more customers and drive revenue without added investments. There are hidden revenue opportunities within value-added services and customer insights. The easiest way to tap into these revenue streams is to utilize adaptable and flexible solutions that not only provide you with invaluable customer insights, but also set you apart from your competitors with customer facing value-added services.


Revealing Revenue Blind Spots

Traditional WiFi services have multiple blind spots that result in a less than ideal customer experience and result in lost revenue opportunities.

  • Lack of visibility into a customer’s home network – The home network produces a wealth of data that shows how subscribers are using their home network and changes in subscriber trends and needs. This data has the potential to inform business decisions, aid in the development of new products and services, and help to gain competitive advantages that set your services apart.
  • Poor WiFi management tools – Subscribers want more control over their home networking experience. Without adaptive tools, subscribers don’t have an easy way to manage their own network and resolve issues themselves and must rely on technical support.
  • Too many truck rolls – When subscribers struggle to troubleshoot and support technicians don’t have remote access to the customer’s home network, a truck is dispatched to the customer’s home. Truck rolls cost companies anywhere from $150 – $500 per event and often result in unnecessary hardware replacements or an additional truck roll for resolutions, resulting in a poor customer experience and major expenses.


Using Value-Added Services to Drive Revenue

Hidden revenue opportunities can be found in value added services. A value-added service (VAS) is a feature added to a core product that improves or enhances a customer’s experience. Popular value-added services for ISPs include anti-virus protection, WiFi management tools, IoT security protection, cloud services, among others. However, customers are expecting these services without an additional charge. Research from Parks Associates found that 77% of subscribers don’t want any service that will increase their monthly bill. With that in mind, the ideal value-added services would not only improve the customer’s experience, but also double the value with tools for the service provider as well. While it may seem like such a solution is too good to be true, these customer and service provider value-added services are already on the market.

Managed WiFi solutions incorporate the power of consumer home network generated data to improve customer experience. Customer satisfaction is notably driven by excellent customer support, user friendly interfaces, and how easy it is to use a device. As a Service Provider, you can create an end-to-end networking experience for customers by adapting your current service offerings to include home network management tools, network security solutions, and real-time network and device monitoring in addition to existing Internet services.


Hitron’s Suite of Solutions

Instead of investing in a major digital transformation project, Hitron offers a suite of tools that act as value-added services with a Hitron Gateway. With a Hitron Gateway already in the customer’s home, you can leverage that investment by combining the power of HitronCloud, Hitron Agent, and MyHitron support app to deliver new products and services directly into your customers’ homes through their existing home networking equipment. This easy deployment method eliminates the expense of a truck roll for installation of new hardware in the customer’s home.


MyHitron WiFi Optimization

Once deployed, the MyHitron app gives complete control of the home network to the customer. The seamless, easy to use interface makes it simple for subscribers to manage their WiFi network, set parental controls, troubleshoot, and more.


OptiMy Customer Insights

Behind the scenes, service providers can leverage the data produced by the customer’s network with OptiMy. OptiMy’s intuitive user interface provides CSRs with real-time issue detection, recommendations and solutions integrated into call center tools, shifting customer service from reactive to proactive. As a result, you can expect fewer truck rolls, fewer customer support calls, and a boost in customer satisfaction. The remote capabilities of OptiMy and other Hitron solutions means you can deploy new products and services quickly that help to retain customers and gain new ones away from their competitors.

Hitron helps service providers like you to capture new opportunities to outperform competitors and to be faster-to-market. Hitron’s products create the adaptable and flexible foundation that service providers need to deliver strategic products and services to customers well into the future. With our platform and mobile app products, service providers gain significant advantages from their competitors while easily delivering the products and services of the future, regardless of what’s happening around them. Contact our friendly team to find out more.



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