The Profitable Approach to WiFi: Self-Install, Self-Adapting, Self-Healing

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Today, home WiFi is an essential part of everyday life. So many daily activities depend on a stable Internet connection. As a result, home networking has gotten more complicated as it has become more sophisticated. To the customer, however, WiFi is still seemingly as simple as setting up a gateway. Many people associate their WiFi experience to their broadband provider and their brand. Even as WiFi continues to evolve in complexity, customers want a complete end-to-end WiFi experience that gives them control over their network and empowers them to take an active role in their home network configuration.


Common Challenges Amongst Service Providers:

  1. Reducing Churn – The home WiFi market is saturated with competitive products and services. Customers have options when selecting their service providers, resulting in a constant threat of churn for service providers. Retaining existing customers by providing an unparalleled WiFi experience is imperative.
  2. Reducing Operating Costs – Service providers are challenged to not only continue to evolve their services to meet and exceed customer expectations, but also to reduce operating costs at the same time
  3. Generating Revenue – It always comes down to the bottom line. In the end, generating revenue is what drives business forward and allows for future growth. The challenge is how to generate revenue without raising prices and risking churn.


The Power of Great Customer Experience

In order to deliver the best possible customer experience, Service Providers first need to understand the customer’s journey. The first part of the customer’s experience with broadband is the installation of hardware. Customers have two options:  1) request professional home installation from their service provider or 2) attempt self-installation. When the customer requests for a technician to set up their home network hardware, the Service Provider is responsible for deploying a costly truck roll and the service technician’s time. In addition, customers will have to wait for their scheduled installation date before they can connect to WiFi, a major hassle when so much of everyday life hinges on an Internet connection.

The Service Provider’s primary role in home WiFi is providing customers with an exceptional WiFi experience, from set-up to daily performance. Creating a positive experience requires adaptive solutions that can be personalized to meet the individuals needs and offer immediate solutions to common customer facing pain points. The main pain point customers face with their WiFi is poor performance. The simple truth is a customer’s experience is only as good as the product and tools they have access to. Flexible managed WiFi solutions allow customers to quickly address their WiFi issues themselves without the hassle of a home visit from a technician. With a greater focus on customer experience, Service Providers can expect a positive impact on conversion rates, revenue generation, and reduction in churn.


Adaptive Whole Home WiFi

Whole Home WiFi is an all-encompassing adaptive solution that incorporates the entire home wireless environment. Adaptive whole home WiFi solutions like MyHitron and OptiMy empower customers to manage their own home network by guiding self-installation, providing network and device optimization tools, and connecting to customer support whenever additional help is needed. These apps are designed to support customers throughout their broadband journey, from self-installation to easy and smart network management. The MyHitron app puts a customer’s entire home network in the palm of their hand, making gateway and network management accessible from anywhere. Whole home network management is designed to improve every facet of the customer experience. The AI and machine learning powered interface automatically adapts the network based on the customer’s specific needs, taking into account the devices connected to the network and network availability. When a networking issue does arise, the MyHitron and OptiMy apps from Hitron proactively resolve the issue, before the customer is negatively impacted. This self-healing feature helps reduce Service Provider operational costs, reducing the number of customer support calls and open tickets all while supporting the subscriber’s need for consistent and reliable networking.


Future-proof with Smarter Technology

By adopting strategies like adaptable whole home managed WiFi, Service Providers future-proof their services and ensure that their initial investments transition into cost savings and retained revenue for profitable results. Adaptable whole home WiFi solutions help Service Providers to shift their focus to quality control and delivering actionable tools directly to customers without taking on a costly capital investment.

Smarter, more complicated home networking environments require smarter solutions. Adaptive self-serve managed WiFi solutions like MyHitron and OptiMy, are designed to make managing even the most complicated home networks easy for customers. And, these solutions give customers complete control over their network for a personalized experience and improved customer satisfaction.

Hitron is dedicated to helping cable operators capture new opportunities and Adaptive Whole Home WiFi using MyHitron and OptiMy is certainly one of the biggest opportunities that Service Providers can capitalize on in the short-term. Contact our friendly team to find out more.

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