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Today, Service Providers must find creative ways to overcome operational challenges, reduce operating costs and expense budgets. Optimizing workflows across departments are essential to ensure the future success of your business, in addition to cutting costs, obtaining savings and reducing expenses.  But how can this be done with limited resources and timelines?


Optimizing Workflows

Optimizing your workflows are essential to the future success of your business and fundamentally improves overall productivity.  For Broadband providers, complex, siloed systems and strategies can get in the way of achieving a workflow that achieves customer excellence and cost reductions.

By optimizing everyday workflows that directly impact their customer’s experience, Service Providers can realize immediate cost savings, improve customer satisfaction and process efficiencies.

Using an intelligent solution that leverages Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Service Providers can obtain valuable insights to provide better services for your subscribers, streamline existing processes and ensure revenues, securing future subscriber growth.


Creating Flexible Workflows

From Customer Care, to Field Services, giving your workflows the flexibility and agility to pivot when your marketplace changes or customer trends change can be a huge competitive advantage for your business and for securing future subscribers.

Being able to quickly create and implement strategies and products that meet your customers’ needs, can significantly reduce costs, generate new revenue, and increase customer satisfaction.  Fortunately, there is a simple, comprehensive solution to optimize your workflows across Operations, Customer Support and Marketing.


Improving Service Experience

One costly, everyday workflow to optimize is customer support calls. 50% of all broadband service calls are related to the WiFi network. These calls cost Service Providers between $5 and $30 each, and up to 15% of your customers need more than one call to resolve their WiFi issue. You can greatly reduce and improve workflows and pave the way for future improvements to other services by taking a focused approach to addressing these calls generated into the Call Center.

The solution:

Hitron’s Home Network Management platform that is hardware agnostic and Cloud-based. It’s a smart solution that resolves WiFi issues proactively and remotely, freeing up your valuable resources so you can pivot the focus into other profit-generating services. Managed WiFi reduces trouble tickets and calls by customers, as well as truck rolls by up to 30% *.


Capture Service Insights with Smarter Solutions

Hitron’s Home Network Management solution can optimize your workflows, helping you lower operational costs and increase savings. This solution lets you quickly create and implement workflow strategies to meet your customers’ needs, such as:

  • Self-Installation
  • Self-Managed Home Networks
  • Self-healing WiFi
  • Proactive Troubleshooting

And you achieve added benefits, such as:

  • Customer Relationship Management Tools
  • Customer Experience Data
  • Home Network Data, and more.

Hitron’s solution includes three key components:

Hitron’s Home Network Management platform offers:

Streamline Customer Onboarding

The average installation time for Broadband Internet is 3 to 7 days for a Professional Installation.  During this time, the customer becomes very vulnerable to buyers’ remorse or competitive win back offers.  By using Self-Installation, a Service Provider can ship a Self-Installation kit immediately to the customer and activate their service just before the service due date.  Once the Self-Installation kit arrives at the customers’ home, the customer can follow a guided installation using the MyHitron App to optimize the setup and installation of Internet and WiFi.


Optimize Installation Operations

Self-installations are now more important than ever before in this age of the Pandemic.  Hitron makes this easy with a Self-guided installation within the MyHitron App.  The easy, step-by-step install process connects the app to the modem/gateway, configures the gateway, connects their WiFi and tests the speed of their broadband connection to ensure its performing at its best.

And with the addition of Hitron’s DSS-01 Coax Cable Tester in to your Self-Install kit, customers can accurately test their coax cable outlet or wiring to ensure its receiving a valid broadband signal.  This will enable the customer to locate/choose the best location for setting up their modem/router prior to starting the Installation process.


Upgrade to Self-healing Home Networks

Offering your customers, a Self-healing WiFi network using AI and Machine Learning, to proactively optimize its own performance and all connected devices throughout the entire home means less trouble calls into Customer Support.  Everyday issues that were typically reported by the customer can now be proactively resolved, even before the customer is aware of an issue.  This provides greater customer experience and increased satisfaction for your customer.


Optimize Customer Support

Unprecedented, detailed data insights of your subscribers’ home network and WiFi give your Customer Support team and Field Technicians the information they need to accurately troubleshoot and diagnose network issues and make informed decisions rather than guessing at what the issue may be. This can shorten the call handling time, because they can see intermittent issues occur as well as gather historical data to monitor a customer’s experience over time.

Your Customer Support team will use these customer details to investigate and diagnose issues that can avoid a costly, and sometimes, unnecessary truck roll.


Optimize Your Customer Relationship Process

Improve and upgrade your customer relationships and customer satisfaction with proactive resolution and self-healing of WiFi issues.  Customers want to manage their own home networks with intuitive tools and value-add features such as Parental Controls, Speed Tests, Self-healing networks and WiFi Optimization.

As part of your enhanced Quality of Experience workflow, Hitron’s Home Network Management platform offers Data insights that can proactively alert you when issues arise, and offer actionable solutions ahead of that customer calling in.  For example, if the customers’ device in one room is struggling to obtain optimal WiFi signal, you can be alerted of this information that this customer may benefit from having an Extender added to their network or by offering the customer a speed upgrade.


Streamline Marketing Opportunities

Data analytics gathered through Hitron’s Home Network Management solution provide detailed visibility and insights into your customers’ home network to reveal Marketing insights that can be used to increase revenues and ARPU. Insights like:

  • Broadband Throughput:Identify customers not getting the speeds that they are paying for.
  • Broadband Disconnections:List customers experiencing Internet disconnections, with duration of internet disconnection.
  • Extender Candidates:Report identifying customers with a need for an extender.
  • Extender placement:Report identifying extenders that have been placed in the wrong location.
  • Device Reboots:Identify devices experiencing excessive number of reboots per day.
  • Devices with high CPU/low memory:Identifying customers with device related issues, who could benefit from an equipment swap or upgrade.

Hitron’s Home Network Management solution is an all-encompassing solution that is hardware-agnostic, cloud-based to provide flexibility to leverage APIs to interface with backend systems down the road, increase customer satisfaction, produce immediate cost savings by reducing calls and truck rolls.

This solution will enable you to increase revenues, reduce operational costs, reduce customer churn, and increase customer satisfaction. All of this translates to increased revenues and lower costs, or increased profit.

Hitron is dedicated to helping cable operators capture new opportunities with Hitron’s Adaptive Whole Home WiFi using MyHitron and OptiMy is certainly one of the biggest opportunities that Service Providers can capitalize on in the short-term. Contact our friendly team to find out more.

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