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For Service Providers, last-mile WiFi into customers’ home should be at the top of the strategic priority list.  It is a critical game-changer to the success of your Broadband and WiFi strategy to have an all-encompassing customer experience that’s capable of delivering value-filled WiFi services and connected products.

Customer experience is at the core of every successful business strategy. Positive customer experience ratings drive growth and revenue while negative customer experiences trigger churn and lost revenue opportunities. The simple truth is that customers are not loyal to brands based on the price or product. Today’s customer loyalty is built upon the EXPERIENCE. Delivering a seamless and adaptive WiFi experience to your subscribers can be the game-changer to your business in several ways:

  • A competitive differentiator
  • A revenue generator
  • Customer loyalty
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Operational cost savings


The Importance of Customer Experience

One negative review plants a seed of doubt and could cost the sale of a product or subscription. In the case of selecting an Internet service provider or carrier, customers will often lean heavily on the experiences of others before making the final decision. A study from Forbes found that “74% of consumers are at least somewhat likely to buy based on experiences alone.” A study from PwC also found that 32% of customers stop doing business with a brand they love after only one bad experience.

Positive customer experience is based on meeting the evolving needs of the customer. The challenge faced by businesses is how to adopt adaptable services without taking on a large capital expense. As subscriber needs change, the services offered to subscribers also need to evolve.

Adapting to the Evolving Customer Journey

The customer’s journey incorporates every experience the customer has with your brand, from brand discovery to ideally years of brand loyalty. A customer’s journey is rarely linear. This is especially true for long term customers. Subscriber needs and wants evolve over time, changing the expectations they have of their services.

Three primary points that exist within the customer journey are:

  1. Installation
  2. WiFi and network management
  3. Customer support

Deploying tools and solutions that prioritize these three key points in the subscriber journey is essential to future-proofing your services and improving customer satisfaction ratings.

As a service provider, you may not be able to predict the future needs of subscribers, but you can implement flexible solutions that future-proof your services, such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and other cloud-based tools that enable you to readily add value to your services, generating positive user experiences and additional revenue streams.


Adaptive Last-mile WiFi

The premise of last-mile WiFi, or adaptive whole home WiFi, is simple: make in-home WiFi intelligent, allowing for personalization as subscriber needs evolve. Last-mile WiFi is focused on the end experience of the user, while also creating future opportunities for the service provider. Hitron’s Whole Home WiFi solution suite includes three targeted applications for end-to-end home WiFi management:

MyHitron App for Home Network Management

The MyHitron app is designed with customer experience in mind, targeting every step of the customer journey, giving the subscriber full autonomy to customize their network to suit their needs. From the very start of the customer journey, the MyHitron app guides the customer through self-installation while it optimizes the placement of the gateway or Access Point in the customer’s home, as well as automatically optimizes the device performance connected to that gateway. Following installation, the customer can then personalize their network set up to suit their needs, from setting parental controls to managing the devices connected to the network. Finally, MyHitron addresses the last key customer journey point: customer support. MyHitron uses self-healing technology to automatically detect and fix issues as they arise, often before the customer is even aware of a problem. If the customer does have to call in for support, the support team can troubleshoot precisely and efficiently resolve the issue remotely.

OptiMy for Home Network Optimization

The OptiMy application is designed to shift from reactive to proactive by leveraging the power of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI). This intelligent solution proactively optimizes your subscribers’ home network for its best connectivity and coverage performance. This level of automation reduces the number of customer support calls and greatly improves the customer experience.

HitronCloud for Support, Data Insights 

HitronCloud distills detailed data diagnostics and analytics from the subscribers’ home network. This data can help you to strategize and better understand customer needs. HitronCloud monitors for anomalies across the network and allows you to address the pain points that your customers are consistently experiencing.

A customer’s experience is only as good as the products available to them. With Hitron’s complete WiFi solution suite, you count on a flexible variety of intelligent options to improve network visibility and give your subscribers complete control over their home network. Prioritizing customer experience through easy-to-use, adaptable and intelligent solutions sets your services apart from other competitors, allowing you to dominate the market. Evolving your last-mile WiFi with an end-to-end, seamless and value-filled delivery of WiFi services and connected products into your customers’ homes is key to a superior customer experience and long-term revenue opportunities.

Hitron is dedicated to helping cable operators capture new opportunities and Adaptive Whole Home WiFi is certainly one of the biggest opportunities that Carriers can capitalize on in the short-term. Contact our friendly team to find out more.

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