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For Service Providers, the key to business longevity is differentiating yourself from your competitors. That includes “Big Tech” like Google, Amazon, too. And that’s a challenge. Competitive pressures are ever-increasing, especially with the current economy post-pandemic.

Competitive advantage means faster deployment of new products and services, obtaining real-time customer data for actionable insights into what your customers are struggling with and what they need.  You need a solution that can help you go above and beyond for your customers to ensure your long-term survival.

The solution is with intelligent WiFi, like a cloud-based home network management platform. The cloud-based model gives you more options to differentiate, increase revenues, reduce churn, reduce operating costs, and introduce new products and services quickly and at scale.


Removing Customer Pain Points

According to Parks Associates, nearly half of broadband subscriber’s report having ongoing technical issues with their WiFi connectivity, including slow speeds, dropped connections, poor coverage, and more.  All things that are frustrating for customers and costly for you.

Service Providers need to adapt and evolve to meet the demands of your customers, rather than reinventing your services every time a disruption occurs in the market.

There is a direct connection between improving your subscriber’s WiFi experience and a reduction in WiFi support costs.  When you elevate the quality of the in-home WiFi experience with a Managed WiFi solution, it results in your subscribers receiving a superior WiFi experience with minimal problems.

Giving your customers the freedom to self-install, self-manage their WiFi network, and utilize self-healing, optimized WiFi networks reduces support call volumes, trouble tickets and truck rolls, while increasing your customer satisfaction and loyalty.

A Home Network Management platform is the foundation for Broadband Service Providers to drive strategic opportunities:

  • Improved Customer Experience
  • Operational Cost Savings
  • Self-serve Installation
  • Self-healing WiFi Networks
  • WiFi as a Channel into the Customers’ home
  • Detailed Data Analytics for Customer Insights & Marketing opportunities (if their WiFi is struggling, they may need an Extender or Speed upgrade)
  • Customer Care tools
  • Field Operations insights

Together, these wins (happy customers, cost savings, new product and service offerings, improved support) ensure the future of your growth.


Subscriber Growth & Ready to Pivot

Home networks continue to become more complicated to support with the increasing number of IoT and Smart Home devices, consumer demand for support will rise. You need flexible tools on your side to help pivot and scale quickly as demands increase and your market changes. Being equipped and ready for these changes, puts you ahead of the game as the pressure of competitors in your marketplace ramps up.

An intelligent, cloud-based Home Network Management platform is the key to achieve the flexibility, longevity, and competitive differentiation you need right now for future growth of your business and subscribers.

Relying on status-quo services is a mistake. You need to look towards products and platforms that will deliver the flexibility, longevity, and features that set you apart from your competitors to continuously retain your subscribers and gain new subscribers alike.


Competitive Differentiation

Hitron’s Home Network solution has everything that you need. As a cloud-based, intelligent platform driven by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, you can collect valuable data insights to reveal even more opportunities that can give you an edge over your competition.

It enables agile service delivery from the cloud, optimized WiFi throughout your customers’ home, self-installation and self-management of their WiFi network and connected devices, and faster integration of new services with backend systems via APIs.

The three pillars of Hitron’s intelligent WiFi solution includes:

Benefits for the WiFi Home:


Hitron’s intuitive guided app allows customers to complete their WiFi set up quickly and easily.  Service Providers can brand the MyHitron app to ensure a continuous customer experience with their own brand.  The MyHitron App guides the customer and optimizes the placement of the gateway or Access Point in the customer’s home, as well as automatically optimizes the performance of connected devices to that gateway.  Hitron’s Home Network Management solution is hardware agnostic, so you don’t have to worry about replacing existing gateways or additional hardware investments.

Proactive WiFi Network Optimization

Using intelligent AI and machine learning, Hitron’s Home Network Management platform proactively optimizes every aspect of your customer’s in-home WiFi for a superior and worry-free experience.  Your customers manage and control their own WiFi and can readily create Guest networks, share Guest network access, change passwords, activate Parental controls, have visibility into their home networks so they can adjust the performance of connected devices and schedule screen time access for their kids.

Self-Healing Network

Because Hitron’s solution uses intelligent WiFi, the WiFi network is constantly adapting and optimizing its performance and the performance of the devices connected to it. WiFi issues are proactively resolved, even before the customer is aware that there is an issue.  If there is an issue that requires Customer Support, your Customer Support team have visibility into the WiFi troubles to properly diagnose and quickly resolve issues should they arise. Your customers have the freedom and ability to troubleshoot their WiFi network with guided troubleshooting, saving you Support calls, trouble tickets, and avoiding needless truck rolls.


Bottom Line – Return on Investment

The Operational cost savings you realize through implementing Self-installation alone offsets your ongoing capital expense of purchasing Gateways to place in customers’ homes. When you combine this with a hardware agnostic solution, such as Hitron’s Home Network Management solution, these savings quickly add up to an extremely profitable business decision to partner with Hitron for your Whole Home WiFi solution.

Hitron’s solution enables you to increase revenues, reduce operational costs, reduce customer churn, and increase your customer satisfaction. All of this translates to increased revenues and lower costs, or increased profit.

Hitron is dedicated to helping cable operators capture new opportunities with our Home Network Management platform and all-encompassing solution. Contact our friendly team to find out more.

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