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One of the benefits of Managed WiFi is the easy and full access to controls, such as setting Parental Controls. Parental controls (sometimes referred to as Family Rules) is a tool that allows parents to set controls on their children’s Internet use. Setting parental controls or family rules on your WiFi helps create a safer Internet space for young family members.

Many Managed WiFi systems are controlled through an app on your smartphone or tablet. The best Managed WiFi app for you should enable you to manage and set your parental controls in any way that you want to. This could be anything from pausing or blocking individual devices to pausing or blocking all devices on your network with a simple click. Also, being able to set the controls to take effect immediately or schedule out controls during specific time periods to limit usage during homework, supper or bedtime.

Hitron’s MyHitron app is a great example of a manage WiFi app that allows you to set and manage parental controls from your smartphone or tablet. With MyHitron, you can block certain devices, schedule time limits, block websites or buzzwords deemed inappropriate for young viewers and more. MyHitron’s most notable parental control features allow you to:

  • Pause WiFi, Ethernet and/or MoCA to any device
  • Pause or block individual devices
  • Block a device by adding it to blacklist
  • Pause Internet connections for all devices in the home
  • Pause devices immediately or setting a schedule
  • Monitor and protect your children’s online activity
  • Schedule screen time management, content filtering and safe browsing when browsing at home or when on-the-go

You get full access to all controls and configurations without having to get your provider to come out to your home. Everything is in the palm of your hand. MyHitron is available only through Internet service providers.  Ask your ISP about MyHitron today.

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