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A WiFi speed test helps you determine the current speed of your WiFi network. It is an efficient tool to see if you are getting the performance you expect, the speed you pay for from your Internet service provider (ISP), and to identify any underlying issues. There are different ways to test your WiFi for good speeds.

You can Google “WiFi speed test” and get a quick-access button that you click to run a test. You can also find other online tools. All of which will probably give you an accurate read or ballpark idea of your speeds. However, with a managed WiFi system, you can get your WiFi speeds in real-time and in context with everything else happening on your home network from an app on your phone.


Running a Managed WiFi Speed Test

Managed WiFi is a solution for getting full visibility and control of your entire home network. This includes things like seeing devices on your network, knowing where bandwidth is being eaten up, setting parental controls, cyber security, performance metrics like WiFi speed and much more.

All of this data is within a dashboard in a managed WiFi app. There are many systems out there, like with Google home, Amazon Eero, Plume or through a Service Provider offering such as with Hitron’s MyHitron app.

Compared to third party systems, using a Service Provider solution might be more beneficial. The benefits you get from your ISP managed WiFi system are that you can be sure the data is always up to date, tech support is available, you have the latest technology, best security protection, and more. The other systems are still good solutions, but with your ISP, everything is in context and direct communication is there.

As far as how this relates to running speed tests is that with a Service Provider solution like MyHitron you get real-time local-area network (LAN) and wide-area network (WAN) speed tests to each device to ensure they are performing optimally. Whether its modem to device or WiFi to device, the speed test performs real-time testing to accurately measure download, upload and latency, all with one click. You immediately receive a diagnosis and recommendation for each test conducted, plus have the ability to communicate directly with your ISP if there is an issue all from the comfort of your home.

If you want to guarantee that you can stream, game and work from home at the same time, you need to make sure your WiFi speed is fast and performing as it should be. Managed WiFi makes this easy to do. Level up your WiFi home network by asking your ISP about MyHitron today.

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