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A WiFi analyzer is typically an app on your smartphone or tablet that is part of a Managed WiFi system. Managed WiFi is a cloud-based solution, and a WiFi analyzer is a feature within a Managed WiFi app. Managed WiFi apps are used by both Internet service providers (ISPs) and customers and have benefits for both users.

How WiFi Analyzer Apps Benefit ISPs

For ISPs, a WiFi analyzer and Managed WiFi system makes setting up, troubleshooting and managing home WiFi networks for customers much easier. And, because everything is cloud-based and can be done remotely, they can help save on costly technician visits.

A WiFi analyzer app gives customers direct access to their WiFi network’s details and settings all from their smart device. This means that customers can check the overall health of their WiFi network, adjusting band, channel, guest network, network password and name, enable/disable devices, pause devices, adjust security settings or parental controls settings all from their homes without having to deploy a technician to the scene.

ISPs greatly benefit from providing their customers with this powerful flexibility and enablement. Since customers can run diagnostics, the communication and troubleshooting solution can happen more quickly. With the app, both ISP and customer have the ability to identify network issues from where they are to save time and money. Looking at the dashboard, users can do things like identify the devices hogging bandwidth and fix areas in the home with poor WiFi coverage. All of this without having to call tech support.


How WiFi Analyzer Apps Benefit Customers

For customers, WiFi analyzer apps make understanding, setting up, controlling and troubleshooting their network a breeze. Since everything is within one source and on a smartphone or tablet, it is a handy and easy all-encompassing resource to use.

There are many managed WiFi apps out there. Hitron’s MyHitron app is a perfect example of a managed WiFi app solution. It’s a self-serve home WiFi management and optimization tool in one app on your device. With the MyHitron app you get the following benefits:

  • Visibility to manage access points and gateways like your router
  • The ability to see and manage all of the devices connected to your network (granting and denying access)
  • Visibility to manage WiFi signal strength and speeds for devices and overall bandwidth consumption on the network
  • Ability to manage any WiFi extenders and other WiFi boosters
  • Advanced security for your home network
  • The ability to set up Guest WiFi networks and manage guests on your network
  • Alerts about network performance and security
  • Ability to manage guests on your WiFi network
  • Ability to check your network speed and manage its performance
  • Ability to set and adjust parental controls
  • Easier troubleshooting

You get full access to all controls and configurations without having to get your provider to come out to your home. Everything is in the palm of your hand. MyHitron is available from ISPs.  Ask your ISP about MyHitron today.

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