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Cable signal leakage is an open invitation to cause disruption for customers and operators alike. For customers, signal leakage can cause negative experiences with online and voice services, poor picture quality and image freezing. This will undoubtedly lead to customer complaints and result in long hours of troubleshooting and high operational costs.

But there are bigger issues for operators than customer complaints that make monitoring and containing signal leakage critical. For operators, the most serious issue is the increased liability due to aeronautical interference.

Avoiding any trace of signal leakage keeps customers satisfied, keeps operational costs low, and keeps the world safe.

Interference caused by leakage beyond the FCC’s acceptable threshold standard must be controlled. You can control it by first detecting signal leakage and then monitoring levels. The usual cause for signal leakage is loose fittings, broken cables, or old and poorly connected fittings.

Ensuring that homes are tight can pay huge dividends for cable operators in improved service quality and reduced operational costs. To do it right, you need the right tools.


Detecting, Monitoring & Defeating Signal Leakage

Having a best practices strategy is critical to avoid fines, shutdowns, and customer dissatisfaction. Operators can avoid leakage problems by training technicians to understand the causes of signal leakage and how to locate the sources. Getting it right at on-site installations and service calls is critical.

You can never truly defeat signal leakage. But you can control it by running one simple troubleshoot test with Hitron’s offerings. Hitron offers coax network testing tools that empower technicians to troubleshoot the whole home:

These tools work together to make technicians’ jobs seamless. The CGN-DP3 meter lets you detect and isolate all signal leaks in the customer premise so you can identify leakage issues and seal the shielding integrity of that home to its highest quality. The CSN-01 works in conjunction with the Hitron CGN-DP3 wireless DOCSIS 3.1 meter to communicate its testing results with Hitron’s MyMeter app. With the handheld meters and app, you can adjust frequency, power levels, parameters and settings via Wi-Fi connection from your smartphone or tablet.

Signal leakage is a big deal. Hitron’s Coax Network Testing Tools give your technicians the power to control it by running one test. Get your team set up with the tools they need to do their best job and add Hitron to your plan of attack against signal leakage today.


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