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Cost and quality are two factors of the field service industry that leave little room for compromise. So, it is critical to find a balance to make sure both are working for your business without costs being too high and quality being too low for customers. The secret is in your Operations team making the best use of your technicians, tools and time.


Make the Best Use of Your Technicians

Operations teams that can make the best use of their technicians save the business. This means making sure technicians are empowered on the job. Operations teams need to pour focus into:

  • First-visit effectiveness
  • Training everyone with easy-to-use, multi-test tools
  • Utilizing all technicians and not just sending out a top-tier supervisor to run specialty tests

The effort put into your technicians upfront will pay off big time in the end.


Make the Best Use of Your Tools

Part of making sure your technicians are equipped to do their best job the first time is to focus on the tools your technicians are using. If tools are confusing, clunky, hard to read, or only perform one specific function, technicians may feel bogged down. This translates into potentially cutting corners and costing your business big time. Operations teams need to pour focus into:

  • Optimized tools that perform multiple tests
  • Tools that allow technicians to use the devices they already have on them and are familiar with using, like smartphones or tablets.

Investing in tools that work for your technicians instead of against them saves you costs on training but also on unnecessary return visits to customer premises.


Make the Best Use of Your Time

When your technicians are empowered and equipped with tools that allow them to do their job right the first time, you save a lot of time, which results in better quality jobs and cost savings. The biggest focus and pay off for time saving are providing technicians with tools that give them real-time information and insights that are easy to read. Visibility and understanding are key. This way, you reduce any second-guessing and instill confidence in your team. Doing things right the first time around saves a lot of time on unnecessary truck rolls and frustrated customers.

When these three core operational elements work together, your entire workforce will feel empowered and perform better. This directly translates to cost-savings for all operations.

Hitron’s CGN-DP3 Coax Network Testing Meter was developed in partnership with the largest Tier 1 Service Provider in North America. The CGNDP3 DOCSIS 3.1 meter couples with the ProMeter app to give installers and service technicians in the field the ability to get powerful measurements and for troubleshooting. With these tools, technicians get flexibility and unsurpassed details for diagnostics, a high-contrast display in low and high lighting conditions, and pinch-and-zoom viewing capabilities. No matter where they are on the job, technicians have full visibility into customer networks to help them get ahead of any potential issues down the line.

Key features that set our tools a part:

  • All major testing for HFC, DOSCIS and DVB-C in one device
  • Comprehensive full-color pinch and zoom graphical detail
  • Adjustable low-light/bright-light display for full visibility
  • Use your existing smartphone or tablet for readout display saving you time and money
  • Cloud-based management capabilities
  • Full-channel scan performed in 8 seconds
  • Built-in DOCSIS 3.1 cable modem
  • Built-in DHCP server for both wireless and wired ethernet
  • Intel Puma7 chipset for powerful performance


Need more information on how to empower your technicians with the right tools?  Contact our friendly Hitron team today to find out more.  Check out Hitron’s complete list of tools that are available to you.

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