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Imagine your entire workforce doing an ideal job every single time. Things like:

  • Putting a stop to repeat failures
  • Fixing issues right the first time
  • Making informed decisions
  • Having real-time insights that they need to do their job effectively right out of the box.

If this isn’t your current reality for your team of technicians, consider whether the network testing tools they are using (or not using) are hindering their performance.


Complicated Replaced by Simplified

Diagnostic tools have become specialized and are sometimes limited to detect only one specific set of problems. Many times, this specialty translates into extremely high prohibitive costs for the equipment, which means you have limited distribution of these tools amongst your operational team, creating bottlenecks in your operational processes.

Does this sound familiar?  Sometimes, only the top technician or supervisor can be outfitted with this costly, specialty tool and they have to be dispatched to the job site where the specialized test needs to be run.  Now you are tying up two technicians, not to mention one at a higher pay rate than the other. This is not an efficient use of your resources or their valuable time. You need your team to resolve issues quickly, and accurately.  You need a virtual expert in the palm of your technicians’ hand.


Simple Tools for Efficient Problem Solving

The solution is to equip your each of your technicians with an all-in-one, multi-use tool that can perform every major test required to measure DOCSIS and DVB-C networking environments. With the right tools your entire workforce can become part of the solution instead of one-off supervisors. Plus, cost-effective tools allow you to empower many technicians at once to make light work. This creates more effective ways of doing what needs to be done.

The Pay-off of Efficiencies
When your team has tools that are easy to use and that perform the necessary functions, they are equipped to accurately pin-point issues and resolve them at the plant or before they leave the customers’ premise. The right tools offer your technicians:

Ease of use
When the tools are easy to use, you can limit the training required. Which translates into even your most junior staff effectively and accurately diagnosing issues and resolving them without bringing in a supervisor. The results are operational cost savings and efficiencies.

Familiarity & Flexibility
Testing tools that pair with an app that’s intuitive and works on technicians’ existing iOS or Android devices are instantly familiar, since these are devices that they already take with them wherever they go.

When the whole workforce has access to use these tools, you can avoid rolling two trucks (one for technician and one for supervisor). This means faster troubleshooting, accurate identification of issues, and cost savings.

Confidence & Trust
When technicians are confident in the processes and tools they use it makes them more productive and effective on the job. Confidence also reduces second-guessing, wasted time re-checking readouts and mistakes. This translates to both at the cable plant and on the customer site.


Pro-active Testing and Diagnostics

The cable industry constantly battles signal leakage in their cable plant, and it can often times be intermittent, and difficult to pinpoint with confidence and accuracy. Similarly, technicians that are troubleshooting in the home often have limited access to the necessary tools to give them the insights they need to properly diagnose, locate and resolve issues. Reduce the difficulty with tools you can trust. Be confident that the Whole Home Certification is completed at every home/jobsite before the technician leaves.


Effective Workforce and Teamwork

Constantly putting out fires can be exhausting and depleting for your team. It’s critical that your entire workforce can become part of the solution. With tools that offer each technician immediate access to detailed testing results at their fingertips, this helps to avoid unnecessary truck rolls and obtain operational cost-savings now and into the future.

With the right tools, you gain so many things:

  • Detailed network insights for every major test
  • Flexibility of use-your-own-device
  • Higher productivity
  • Operational cost savings
  • Efficient processes
  • Better use of resources
  • Increased customer satisfaction


Make Your Operational Budget Go Further

Hitron’s CGN-DP3 Coax Network Testing Meter was developed in partnership with the largest Tier 1 Service Provider in North America. The CGNDP3 DOCSIS 3.1 meter and Hitron’s ProMeter app, your installers and service technicians have ability to view accurate, detailed measurements for faster and more efficient troubleshooting. With these tools, your technicians gain flexibility and unsurpassed details for performing their diagnostics with precision and confidence. No matter where they are on the job, technicians have full visibility into customer networks to help them get ahead of any potential issues down the line.

Key features that set our tools a part:

  • All major testing for HFC, DOSCIS and DVB-C in one device
  • Comprehensive full-color pinch and zoom graphical detail
  • Adjustable low-light/bright-light display for full visibility
  • Use your existing smartphone or tablet for readout display saving you time and money
  • Cloud-based management capabilities
  • Full-channel scan performed in 8 seconds
  • Built-in DOCSIS 3.1 cable modem
  • Built-in DHCP server for both wireless and wired ethernet
  • Intel Puma7 chipset for powerful performance


Want more information about our Coax Testing Tools?  Contact our friendly Hitron team today to find out more.  For future articles similar to this, you can follow us on LinkedIn. Feel free to check out other Hitron tools that are available to you.

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