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The last thing you want is your customers’ notifying you of an outage that has occurred on your network. Network outages are a pain for everyone involved. Especially when customer-impacting issues come at a high cost for your business. Outages create a whole host of problems:

  • Increased churn due to customer dissatisfaction
  • Higher call volumes into the call center
  • Higher truck roll costs to send a maintenance technician out to the customer

Overall, unhappy customers and high operational cost.

These big problems happen when there is a lack of visibility into your network coupled by inefficient network maintenance practices. However, it is possible to get ahead of these issues when your team is equipped with the right tools.


Having the Right Tools Saves Operational Costs

Your team can be proactive in preventing issues by examining your network and infrastructure for external and internal weaknesses. Whether that is outside or inside of the customer’s home, premise or building. With the right network testing tools, technicians can identify any issues that may negatively impact your customers. Ideally, at the point of installation in customer homes.

When your technicians have tools that work for them, they are empowered to pin-point issues and fix them right the first time. The right tools help technicians:

Stop repeat failures

When running the initial tests is easy to do and the readouts are easy to understand, technicians are more likely to do things right the first time around. This requires tools that have intuitive interfaces and usability to promote best practices and not cutting corners on the job.

Stop second-guessing

When tools are easy to use and provide accurate data, technicians can feel confident in identifying issues and make informed decisions. This also includes reducing the need for extensive training.

Move away from “one-off” tools and embrace powerful handheld multi-use testing tools. Tools that only perform one function of the necessary network testing regime make technicians’ toolkits too bulky and inefficient. Technicians need an all-in-one tool for flexibility, efficiency and powerful troubleshooting. A tool that multi-tasks by performing all major tests required for Whole Home Certification is a cost-saving solution for your business.

Reduce trouble calls

When tests are accurately performed and measures are put in place to prevent issues that can impact customers down the line, the rate of trouble calls decreases. This saves a lot of truck rolls that could have be prevented. When you are saving on trouble calls you are saving on operation costs, which allows you to grow your future business and retain happy customers.

Reduce operational costs

The right tools promote compatibility with existing devices and flexibility to help technicians perform diagnostics quickly to identify potential risks that could develop into larger issues. This could look like having tools that are lightweight, easy to use and that pair with other devices technicians already have on hand, like an existing smartphone or tablet for readout display through an app. This saves a lot of time, money, and lets you make better use of your valuable resources.

Trust the tools they use

When your technicians are doing things right the first time around to proactively get ahead of issues, your network has the opportunity to grow. As your network grows, your efficiencies grow, especially when you have tools you trust to help your team.


Intuitive and Cost-efficient Testing Tools

When your technicians trust the tools they use and do the job well, this justifies equipment upgrades in the network or in your Operations. This also helps you maintain the integrity of Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to ensure that your team’s highest performance is obtained.

Hitron’s CGN-DP3 Coax Network Testing Meter was developed in partnership with the largest Tier 1 Service Provider in North America. The CGNDP3 DOCSIS 3.1 meter couples with the ProMeter app to give installers and service technicians in the field the ability to get powerful measurements and for troubleshooting. With these intuitive and easy to use tools, technicians get flexibility and unsurpassed details for diagnostics, at a fraction of the cost of other testing tools in the market.  Your team can bring their own devices for the readout display, which means savings and efficiencies for you.  No matter where they are on the job, your technicians will have full visibility into their customer networks to help them quickly get ahead of any potential issues down the line.

Key features that set our tools a part:

  • All major testing for HFC, DOSCIS and DVB-C in one device
  • Comprehensive full-color pinch and zoom graphical detail
  • Adjustable low-light/bright-light display for full visibility
  • Use your existing smartphone or tablet for readout display saving you time and money
  • Cloud-based management capabilities
  • Full-channel scan performed in 8 seconds
  • Built-in DOCSIS 3.1 cable modem
  • Built-in DHCP server for both wireless and wired ethernet
  • Intel Puma7 chipset for powerful performance

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