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For Carriers and Operators, self-installations are more important than ever. They can save a lot of time and money for companies not having to send out technicians to every installation call. However, having a seamless process is paramount to the success of the installation and excellent customer experience.

When installations are performed correctly the first time, your business saves on expenses like unnecessary truck rolls, and customer retention increases. However, all too often, installs do not go as planned from the start. This is directly related to laborious processes and having confusing and inefficient tools. When the process is made easy, both professionals and customer performing self-installations can find success.

Effective self-installations are critical for Carriers in saving resources like time and money. But sometimes self-installations can lead to problems and expensive service calls. When self-installations are done right the first time by your customers, you can get ahead of any issues and save on expensive service calls.

To be successful, your customers need the right tool to perform the necessary coax outlet test, to get the job done effectively.


Simple Tools Improve the Process & Customer Experience

The right tools have the power to improve your overall business. They empower your technicians to do their job better and more efficiently. They also can help your customers who choose self-installation to feel confident in accomplishing the setting up of their service on their own and that their service will work the first time.

Just like with professional installations, it is important to ensure that the self-installation experience is as error-free as possible. The right tool for the job makes sure that your customers find success and that this translates to cost savings for your business by:

  • Further enhancing the self-installation experience for customers.
  • Helping customers with limited technical skills set up their broadband on coax networks.
  • Making it easy to check coax outlets to ensures that the proper radio frequency (RF) signal is at the specific outlet when considering where to locate the modem.
  • Improving the onboarding experience with new device setup, which helps avoid or remove the risks of service problems, poor customer experience, and service cancellation/churn.

All of these win’s help reduce or avoid a call into customer care or an expensive truck roll down the road. This is an achievable reality with a tool like Hitron’s DSS-01 coax cable tester. The DSS-01 is a cost-effective, compact tool that makes self-installs easy for your customers, as well as your field technicians:

  • For field technicians, the DSS-01 is the perfect companion for testing all coaxial outlets, fittings at the customer premise to find the best location for the modem and to ensure that coax outlet or wiring is receiving a valid signal.
  • For customers, the DOCSIS signal tester is perfect for if in the future they wish to move or relocate their modem to another room, coax outlet or another home.

Using a DSS-01 as part of your Self-installation kits results in smoother self-installations with fewer support calls, avoiding unnecessary truck rolls and increased customer satisfaction.

Other notable features of the DSS-01 Coax Cable Tester:

  • Scans frequency range between 88MHz to 1GHz
  • Gives results in under 10 seconds
  • Performs more than 100 scans on a single AAA battery

Hitron is a leading provider of RF test equipment for Cable Operators, Internet Service Providers and Carriers. Our experienced team has developed the only solution that can detect RF signals at the coax outlet within a specific frequency range in a cost-effective manner. By detecting RF signals at the coax outlet, operational costs can be significantly reduced and greatly improves your customers’ experience.

Please contact our friendly Hitron team today to find out more about the DSS-01 Coax Cable Tester.  For future articles similar to this, you can follow us on LinkedIn. Feel free to check out other Hitron tools that are available to you.

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