How Pressure Testing Can Reduce Your Operational Costs
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Understanding the cause of cable signal leakage and how to prevent it can be critical for reducing operational costs. Mostly, this is because the FCC issue fines for interferences. The more severe the interference, like interfering aeronautical communication and LTE, the more severe the fine. Failure to control signal leakage can be disastrous.

But there are other operational costs that add up. Troubleshooting for ingress sources is time consuming and frustrating. Finding a single ingress source can take hours, days or even weeks if you are scouring all of the homes within a specific block radius. Unnecessary truck rolls add up quickly.

With the right tools, you can run a simple test while still at the plant to identify true ingress sources before ever putting keys into the ignition.


How pressure testing signal leakage can save money

Hitron’s CSN-01 signal meter and CGN-DP3 DOCSIS meter are supported by MyMeter, a companion app. This gives technicians detailed diagnostics in real time. This saves money in a few ways:


1.  Allows technicians to quickly find signal noise reducing operating costs.

Whether it is at the point if installation or on a service call, Hitron’s powerful combination of the CGN-DP3 DOCSIS meter and MyMeter app enable the technician to see signal signatures coming out of every house. This means you can pinpoint the exact source of leakage and fix it immediately, saving you precious time and resources.

2. Allows technicians to pinpoint the direct source of leakage, which eliminates multiple service calls without resolution.

Fixing it right the first time is the goal that all service operators strive for. MyMeter, coupled with Hitron’s CGN-DP3 DOCSIS meter, provide a powerful toolkit for technicians to accurately troubleshoot, pinpoint and resolve issues on the spot using our sophisticated diagnostic analysis.


3. Reduces unnecessary truck rolls.

Streamline your operations and avoid repeat or unnecessary truck rolls by being proactive on every dispatch.


With this data in hand, your technicians can see which subscriber modems are causing leaks, giving your technicians a specific list of in-home issues to target. All of this can be done remote without leaving the plant.

You can streamline your ingress troubleshooting by adding Hitron’s coax network testing tools into your toolkit. Find and correct sources of egress and ingress in the plant and in subscriber homes without rolling a truck until it is necessary. Contact us to get set up today

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