What is a Spectrum Analyzer and How Can it Eliminate Signal Leakage?
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A spectrum analyzer is a testing tool that measures and displays the amplitude versus frequency for input signals. The terms “spectrum analyzer” and “signal analyzer” are used almost interchangeably. But there are some slight differences.

Spectrum analyzers are commonly used for a few things:

  • Monitoring broadcast transmissions like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.
  • Radio frequency (RF) component and subsystem testing like cabling.
  • Electromagnetic interference and pre-compliance testing for technicians and operators to detect any signal leakage issues.


Why you should use a spectrum analyzer and how it works:

There are many reasons that field technicians should use a spectrum analyzer. Let’s go through some of the applications:


Monitoring Broadcast Transmissions

System analyzers help you see if the transmitter is reaching amplitudes that you expect and gives insight about whether you are covering the right frequency range or not. It also helps with far field pattern testing to make sure you are transmitting in the right direction. You can also use the tool to perform site surveys to identify any interferences with homes, offices or the cable plant.


RF & Subsystem Testing

A spectrum analyzer is a helpful tool for RF and subsystem testing like cabling because it gives you a visual output. You can see where your output is in the band and whether you are operating over the correct frequency range and delivering the expected amplitude without interference.


Pre-Compliance & Signal Leakage Testing

Compliance testing is expensive, so having to go back and forth repeating the process will hike up operational costs. A spectrum analyzer is designed to help you pass compliance the first time. With a tool like the Hitron CGN-DP3 is a spectrum analyzer, you can identify and troubleshoot any problems while on-site at the end user’s premise before getting back to the plant, such as locating signal leakage.

The best spectrum analyzer lets you monitor, measure and test, but also does much more for the operator. The Hitron CGN-DP3 spectrum analyzer performs all of these key detection and diagnostics required by operators. In comparison to large, clunky analyzers, the CGN-DP3 is handheld, making it easy to carry and use on the job site.

The CGN-DP3 also pairs with two other Hitron offerings, the MyMeter App and the CSN-01 signal meter, to create a powerful suite of tools. Hitron’s Whole Home Certification testing tools are designed to empower technicians to troubleshoot the whole home at a fraction of the cost of other solutions, saving you cost, time, and training needed.

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