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Progress and innovation are key to securing a successful future as a Cable Operator/Carrier.  You may be asking yourself what does the future of your current DOCSIS infrastructure look like and how can you squeeze the most out of your network investments?

The short answer is 5G mobility and it’s easier than you think.


5G for Revenue Growth

Incorporating 5G mobility into your DOCSIS infrastructure may seem like an expensive and prohibitive endeavor due to capital costs. But, in actuality, transitioning to 5G is crucial to expand the longevity of your DOCSIS network and fundamental for future revenue growth. According to research, 5G will dramatically transform the global demand for wireless services and technologies to address the ever-expanding demand for bandwidth. Adding 5G mobility to your repertoire, vastly increases your opportunities for increased revenue growth along with meeting the demand of new technologies from your subscribers.

If your DOCSIS network is equipped with Hybrid Fiber Coaxial (HFC), then you already have an easier route for incorporating 5G into your infrastructure and well-positioned to capitalize on 5G opportunities. Having the ability to quickly deploy small cells will give you the competitive advantage and mileage that you need for your product roadmap.  To make 5G a reality on your HFC plant, you need to ensure your DOCSIS network infrastructure has timing synchronization. Without accurate timing synchronization in your wireless base stations, your current DOCSIS network and HFC could face cross-interference issues, which would affect your customer experience.


Game Changer – DOCSIS Timing Protocol (DTP)

Until recently, accurate timing synchronization was only possible by purchasing non-economical and expensive GPS solutions, when deploying larger areas of small cells.  That’s where DOCSIS Timing Protocol (DTP) provides a viable cost savings option and allows you to be faster-to-market with your deployment.  Hitron’s ODIN 1112, is the industry’s first DOCSIS modem that supports DTP. The ODIN 1112 provides the timing protocol needed for backhaul network infrastructure to support 5G, which enables you to become a mobile provider that has 5G. The ODIN 1112 helps you to avoid issues with site access, backhaul support and power supply as it can be deployed directly onto your aerial plant.  The ODIN 1112 brings extensive business opportunities to attract new customers and increase your revenues. The ODIN 1112 also provides you with significant cost savings when upgrading to 5G because its lower cost of investment, and it’s easier and faster to deploy.

In order to keep pace with current global wireless demand and future-proof your network investments, 5G is necessary.   Leveraging your existing cable infrastructure to quickly deploy small cells in targeted, high-value markets only improves your business case to stay ahead of your competition. When you pair the ODIN 1112 with a small cell, you avoid obstacles like site access, backhaul support and a power source.  Evolving your network investments into LTE and 5G with small cells will be key for delivering the high-bandwidth applications that your customers demand, and will give you extensive opportunities to broadly expand your lines of business.

Need more information on how to maximize your DOCSIS network?  Contact our friendly Hitron team today to find out more.

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