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Placement of Your ARIA3411 Mesh System

The ARIA3411 WiFi 6E Mesh system consists of a minimum of two ARIA3411 units, one configured as a Router and the other as an Extender. Additional ARIA3411 Extenders may be purchased separately and added to your existing systems to expand your coverage.

Please note: Each individual device, Router or Extender, can be referred to as ARIA3411 throughout our Support articles.

Router Mode

Your ARIA3411 can be used as a WiFi router. It will be the control center of your WiFi network so you can configure and manage WiFi settings of your home network and all your wireless devices connected to it.

Extender Mode

The second ARIA3411 will be used as a WiFi extender to provide another access point in your home network to expand the coverage area. When paired with your primary ARIA3411 Router, it becomes a smart mesh network.

* Keep your ARIA3411 clear from any obstructions and is best located out in the open. WiFi signal can be blocked by objects or walls, such as concrete, metal, other electronics, wood or in floor-heating.

* You should locate the ARIA3411 in a central place in your home to maximize its WiFi signal reach and coverage. Additional ARIA3411s could be added to act as Extenders or Access Points to extend the WiFi signal coverage.

* Place ARIA3411 Extenders half-way between your ARIA3411 Router and your existing WiFi dead zone. This allows your ARIA3411 to obtain a stronger WiFi signal from your ARIA3411 Router and broadcasting it to your dead spot.

* Place your ARIA3411 Extenders higher up and off of the ground, locating them on a stable surface such as a side table, countertop or unobstructed shelf.

* Keep your ARIA3411’s out in the open and free from obstructions and clear from obstacles so your WiFi signal will travel further. Do not place inside a media console or cabinet.

* For homes or buildings with multiple floors, you should place your ARIA3411 between floors. ARIA3411 Extenders should always be at least 2 walls or 1 floor away from your gateway/router.

* Keep in mind that older homes are often built with dense materials that may interfere with your WiFi signal, such as plaster lath, chicken wire in the walls or even cinder block construction.

* If you need to install more than one extender, it is preferable that your extenders connect directly to your router, in a star configuration, instead of a daisy-chain configuration. Its preferable that you install the router where it serves all extenders in a star configuration.

* A wired Ethernet backhaul will always be the most reliable and stable connection no matter the distance to the router.

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