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Installing the ARIA3411 with the MyHitron+ App

FOR BEST INSTALLATION RESULTS please use the MyHitron+ app to quickly and easily install and configure your ARIA3411 WiFi 6E Mesh system.

The MyHitron+ app gives you step-by-step instructions to connect and configure your Hitron ARIA3411 WiFi 6E Mesh system.
* Manage your Whole Home WiFi mesh network
* Remotely manage and control your WiFi network from your Smartphone
* Perform updates to the latest firmware
* Personalize your WiFi settings
* Manage your Parental Control settings
* Manage your security settings

The MyHitron+ app is available for download onto iOS and Android mobile devices through the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Please NOTE:
Your Hitron ARIA3411 Mesh system is NOT connected to the Internet until you finish setting it up with the app. You cannot download the MyHitron+ app if you do not have Internet access. We recommend that you use your previous WiFi network to download the MyHitron+ app before you start the setup of your new mesh system. OR, you can use your cellular data to connect to your previous routers’ WiFi network to download the MyHitron+ app.

During the installation, the app will instruct you when you need to connect to your cable modem router’s WiFi.

Download the MyHitron+ App

1. Scan the QR Code to go to the MyHitron+ app store page.

2. Download and install the MyHitron+ app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store onto your iOS or Android mobile device. The MyHitron+ app will be used to set up and manage your network.

3. Open the MyHitron+ app to launch the MyHitron+ app. The MyHitron+ app shortcut will be added to your mobile device Home or Apps screen.

4. Create a MyHitron+ account to sign into the app. Follow the steps to install and configure the units.

Note: For iOS users, ensure that Bluetooth is enabled on your phone or mobile device. For AndroidTM users, ensure that WiFi is enabled on your phone or mobile device.

App Login / Create a MyHitron+ Account

1. Sign-in or create a login for the MyHitron+ app.

2. Create a MyHitron+ account.

Mesh Set Up

3. Tap Add.

4. Name the network – type in the name of your network by it’s building location (for example: Home, Office, Mom’s House).
5. Tap New Install.
6. Select your Hitron Wi-Fi equipment.
7. Use Bluetooth to allow the MyHitron+ app to configure your mesh system.
8. Plug the ARIA3411 into a power outlet using the included power adapter.
9. Connect your ARIA3411 to the Internet using the included Ethernet cord.
10. Keep it clear from obstructions.

11. Check ARIA3411 light status.

12. Hold your device (smartphone with MyHitron+ app) to the ARIA3411.
13. Create your administrator password.
14. Name your ARIA3411.
15. Your ARIA3411 has been configured.
16. Set up your WiFi.

Sets up your main WiFi network’s name and password.
WiFi name:
WiFi password:

Offers the ability to automatically generate a random password by tapping on the “swoosh” symbol:
17. Your ARIA3411 – “Network Name” is now good to go.

You will use this WiFi network name and password to connect the rest of your devices to your network.

18. MyHitron+ app main menu displays.

Adding the second ARIA3411 WiFi 6E Access Point to Create your Mesh Network

1. From your main MyHitron menu, click on the three “…” located in the top right hand corner of the screen:

2. Select “My Networks”.
3. Select “+ Extender” to add a second ARIA3411 Access Point.
4. Tap to select “ARIA3411”.

Follow the step-by-step instructions to add an ARIA3411 to your network.

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