How to Improve Your Gaming Latency and Lag

January 24, 2022

You’re a gamer and your goals are to lower ping, latency, lag as much as possible. Hate to break it to you, but your WiFi probably isn’t going to cut it. Not on its own.

You can game online on your WiFi network. But guaranteed, you are not going to have the best experience that you could have. If you are looking to quit dealing with bad Internet for gaming and improve your experience, try these few tips:


5 Ways to Reduce Lag & Increase WiFi Speed for Gaming

  1. Check your Internet speed and bandwidth.
    Close out of any background websites, programs, or unnecessary applications that may be running and competing for bandwidth.
  1. Move closer to your router.
    If you are too far away from your router your WiFi signal can struggle to reach you. Better yet, use a wired connection instead of WiFi…have you heard of Ethernet over Coax?  Give that a try!
  1. Play on a local server.
    Remote hosting creates headaches. Shifting to your local area network (LAN) improves bandwidth availability, offers dedicated support, and eliminates latency
  1. Check your router.
    This includes two things: moving your router to a better location in your home that’s free from obstacles and restarting your router. Sometimes it is that easy.
  1. Connect your gaming console or PC device to your router via an Ethernet Connection.

Lastly, but the most rewarding solution, is to use an Ethernet connection for a direct, reliable connection. This can greatly reduce any latency and lag issues you experience while gaming. Did you know that you can convert your Coax wiring into an Ethernet connection?  It’s called Ethernet over Coax or MoCA technology and requires two simple MoCA Adapters to convert coax into Ethernet!


Get Rid of High Latency & Lag with Ethernet over Coax

MoCA is a technology that uses MoCA adapters with your coax TV cable to create an Ethernet over coax network connection. MoCA does this by using the existing coax TV wiring in your home to transmit Ethernet data. This creates an extremely fast and reliable wired network backbone, capable of speeds up to 1 Gbps for your gaming devices and your WiFi network, so you don’t experience any interruptions.

How these adapters work is by forming a point-to-point connection with your gaming devices. This Ethernet-like connection delivers speeds up to 1 Gbps to your end devices, which creates a strong, reliable, and fast wired Internet connection and NO lag.

With your bandwidth-heavy PCs and gaming consoles now using a wired connection, your WiFi network is cleared up for your other connected devices. So, there is less congestion for both gaming and other mobile devices. Everything is setup to perform better.

Setting up MoCA adapters is easy, and all you need is a pair of MoCA adapters or a single adapter and a MoCA-enabled router to create the MoCA network. Set up steps are quick:

  1. Buy a pair of MoCA adapters.
  2. Connect one adapter to a coax jack and into your router.
  3. Connect the second adapter into the device you want to use to connect to the Internet. (You will need an Ethernet cable to connect to your device.)

Easily end gaming lag, latency and ping issues with MoCA. Hitron’s MoCA Adapter kit (2 pack) is available for purchase on Amazon. To learn more about MoCA, check out our Complete MoCA Guide. For more quick and helpful resources on WiFi, Ethernet, MoCA and related topics, check out Hitron’s blog.


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