How do I check the health of my modem?

April 12, 2023

It’s not uncommon for a modem to show symptoms of degrading health, which leads to underperforming. If your cable modem is acting up, you might need to restart or reboot it. However, if that doesn’t work to improve your Internet connection, something bigger might be going on.

The health of your modem is important. If your modem’s health is on the decline, you’ll start seeing the signs.


Signs your modem is on the decline

Your modem’s health is probably declining if any of the following signs are true:

  • Troubles connecting to the Internet
  • Internet connection randomly dropping out
  • Having to reset or restart your modem
  • Video streaming or gaming lags often
  • Internet speeds are inconsistent
  • The indicator light is unlit
  • The modem runs hot to the touch
  • If your modem is over 5 years old


The biggest frustrations you will face with a modem that is aging out are poor connection and slow Internet. But here’s the thing, the issue may not be coming from your modem. The problem could be the modem, your coax cabling, or your ISP.

If any of the signs above are true, you should consider upgrading your cable modem regardless. But to figure out the true underlying problem, you can use a coax cable tester to instantly tell where the issues are coming from.


How to test if you need to replace your modem

A coax cable tester like the Hitron’s DSS-01 Coax Cable Tester is the perfect easy-to-use tool that makes troubleshooting your cable modem a breeze.

Does your modem need replacing? Or is your ISP not providing the speeds that you’re paying for? Hitron’s coax cable tester can help get to the bottom of these questions in seconds.

By testing your coax, you can tell in seconds if the issues you have are with your cable modem, coax wires or with your ISP. Hitron’s DSS-01 Coax Cable Tester can be used to quickly test your coax outlet or wiring, to ensure it is receiving a valid Internet signal from your ISP. Hitron’s coax cable tester uses patent technology developed in collaboration with a Tier 1 Cable Operator, that accurately detects a valid signal from your Cable Internet provider.  No other tool can do this.


How to use the coax cable tester tool:

Step 1: Turn on the DSS01 wait for the white indicator light.
Step 2: Connect the DSS01 into a coax cable outlet and press the Test button to run the test.
Step 3: If the LED indicator light is green: a valid signal was detected. If the LED indicator light is red: No valid signal was detected.

The DSS-01 Coax Cable Tester you will save yourself the hassle of calling your ISP and waiting for an expensive Technician to come to your home. The DSS-01 is available to purchase from Amazon.  Now you can quickly perform the majority of troubleshooting yourself, saving yourself time and money.


Looking for more information on the DSS-01 Coax cable tester or how to troubleshoot your cable modem?  Read our other articles on Cable Modems and Routers, or Coax Cable testing on Hitron’s Learn page.

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