How do you check if a cable is live without a multimeter?

March 15, 2023

Multimeters measure the electric current and voltage of wires in your walls. But existing voltage doesn’t always mean that your Cable Internet is active on that coax wiring or outlet. Voltage detection is not always the most reliable way to know if your Internet set up is strong and successful and may get false readings.

But don’t worry. There is an easy way to test your coax wiring and outlets are receiving an Internet signal from your Cable Internet provider.

The tool you want is Hitron’s coax cable tester which is the only tool that can detect broadband signals from Cable Internet providers.  Let’s get into the details of how it works.


Easy coax outlet & wire testing with a cable tester

Hitron’s DSS01 Coax Cable Tester is the only tool on the market that actually detects valid Cable Internet signals.  It’s your best bet when you need to find a viable, working coax outlet to connect your devices.

The DSS01 Coax Cable Tester is better because:

  • It allows you to instantly detect active Cable Internet signals on your coax outlets and wiring (results load in 10 seconds or less).
  • It eliminates any false positive results
  • It’s easy to use with a push on/off button
  • It’s small and lightweight, yet durable
  • It’s used by professional cable Internet installers in the industry today

How the coax cable tester works:

The steps for testing your cables with the DSS01 Coax Cable Tester are quick and easy:

  1. Turn on the DSS01 (white light signifies it’s powered on)
  2. Plug in the DSS01 to a coax outlet and push the button to start the test
  3. Wait less than 10 seconds for the results. If the light is green, there’s a valid Internet signal. It the light is red, there is no signal.
  4. If you need to test again, repeat the process.

The steps are labelled on the device itself as a helpful reminder.  Hitron’s DSS01 Coax Cable Tester is unique in that it detects valid Broadband signals that occur within a specific frequency range, indicating whether or not the coax outlet or wiring is receiving a valid signal.


Coax and modem troubleshooting

Because Hitron’s DSS01 Coax Cable Tester performs this unique detection, quickly and accurately, you can immediately rule out issues with your modem or with your coax outlets or wiring, making troubleshooting your Internet infinitely faster and easier!


Testing your coax cables and wires

Testing your coax cables or wires ensures that you can connect all of your devices successfully to the Internet. This saves you tons of frustration and time surrounding troubleshooting, not to mention, it could save you an expensive Installer visit that might not be necessary!

Testing your coax cables and wiring is crucial for getting the best Cable Internet in your home. This helps you set up your devices in your home quickly and effectively.

Hitron designs and manufactures cable modems, routers, and Technician Test equipment for Tier One Cable Operators in North America for over 30 years.  Hitron’s DSS01 Coax Cable Tester is now available on Amazon to purchase.

Want to learn more about optimizing your Internet connection? Check out Hitron’s Learn page.

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