How Do I Create an Ethernet Over Coax Network?
When your Wi-Fi isn’t as strong as you want it to be, you can create an Ethernet over coax network to support it. An Ethernet over coax network can help make your Wi-Fi faster, more reliable and altogether better.

What is Ethernet Over Coax?

Ethernet over coax is a wired connection that uses the existing coaxial cable wiring in your home. This method transforms or converts your coaxial cable network into an Ethernet network. Ethernet over coax is also called MoCA technology, which stands for Multimedia over Coaxial Alliance. From here we will refer to Ethernet over coax as MoCA.

MoCA creates a high-capacity network, which means fast speeds, low latency and lag. Because a MoCA network is a wired connection it surpasses Wi-Fi’s ability to deliver a highly reliable connection every time and deliver extremely fast Gigabit (Gbps) speeds.

How Ethernet Over Coax Works & Creating Your MoCA Network

Ethernet over coax is a point-to-point wired connection, which means it is a direct connection. This direct point-to-point connection is what makes it stable, reliable and fast. All you have to do to create your MoCA network is get at least two MoCA-enabled endpoints to create the complete network. There are two options for endpoints:

  1. A MoCA-enabled router and one MoCA adapter, or
  2. Two MoCA adapters with your existing router/gateway (cable modem router).


To set up the MoCA devices all you need to do is plug them in and place them in a good position. Learn more about setting up your MoCA adapters.


Devices that MoCA is Best for

Because a MoCA network is wired, it flawlessly supports any and all of your bandwidth-hungry devices and applications that can bog down your Wi-Fi network. Things like gaming consoles, 4K and HD video streaming, video conferencing calls, online education, and other high-bandwidth devices.

Since most of these devices are stationary (gaming consoles, work laptops, school computers, TVs, etc.) they are not inconvenienced by a wired connection. Plus, each of these devices requires a reliable connection, which a wired connection provides over a wireless connection.

How Ethernet Over Coax (MoCA) Improves Wi-Fi Connections

When you have MoCA as the support system for your bandwidth-heavy devices, your Wi-Fi gets better. MoCA creates a bigger connection backbone capable of faster speeds. This fast, stable connection provides the foundation needed for your Wi-Fi signal to perform at its best and to give your home better coverage. When the bandwidth heavy devices are wired, there is more room freed up on your Wi-Fi network, which in turn improves overall wireless performance.

Start creating your Ethernet over coax (MoCA) network today with Hitron’s HT-EM4 MoCA 2.5 adapters. For more about MoCA and tips on enhancing your Wi-Fi connection, check out our Learn Page and blog.

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