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Part of moving to a new apartment or house involves determining which coax outlet to plug your cable modem into for Internet.  However, checking if your Cable Internet service is live or active at each coax outlet or wire can be tedious and time consuming, not to mention, frustrating.  Until now.

Performing that check, or test, to see if your cable signal is live and ready for your cable modem is a relatively simple process – made even easier with Hitron’s DSS-01 Coax Cable Tester. While, in the past, you might have used your cable modem to individually test each coax outlet for a valid Internet signal from your Cable Broadband provider, the DSS-01 does the job for you.

The DSS-01 Coax Cable Tester is compact in design and can fit in tight, hard-to-reach places – making it an ideal tool for a one-person job to test for a valid Internet signal. The DSS-01 is extremely accurate in testing for an Internet signal because its designed to specifically detect between a specified frequency range of signals that only come from your Cable Broadband provider.  This means you don’t need to worry about getting an inaccurate or faulty reading, unlike other tools that only test for voltage.

Determining whether or not your signal is valid and live is crucial for setting up successful internet and WiFi connections. And, if you aren’t a Cable Installer Technician, you may not know how to read some of the more complicated coax testers out there. Not the DSS-01.  It’s simple, accurate and easy to use for anyone.

Once you connect your DSS-01 Coax Cable Tester, you will receive results in less than 10 seconds. Built with a bright, LED-light indicator, the DSS-01 will display either green or red depending on signal status. If the LED-light is red, your signal isn’t connected or live. If the DSS-01’s LED-light is green, your internet signal is live and you should be able to successfully connect your cable modem or router. By understanding the results, you can make your move-in process less stressful and instantly ready for your Internet connected devices.

Avoid the stress of Internet connection issues in your new home by testing for an Internet connection signal. This will ensure that you can connect your WiFi and all your other devices successfully, making your move that much easier.

To learn more about the DSS-01 Coax Cable Tester, check out Hitron’s Learn Page or Blog.

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