The Size of Your House is Affecting Your WiFi

April 27, 2021

Today, when your WiFi is down everything is down. If your WiFi is underperforming, you are probably dealing with spotty coverage. When your WiFi signal faces any of these obstacles it weakens:

  • Interference
  • Home Appliances such as Microwaves
  • Unwanted guests on your network and
  • Distance

Distance can directly relate to the size of your house. When your WiFi router is placed too far from your devices, they struggle to connect. Especially if your router’s WiFi signal does not go far enough to cover your whole home. Larger homes need more help. You may not be getting enough WiFi signal coverage from one router. You can try tips to boost your signal, one of which is using WiFi boosters.

WiFi boosters, also referred to as Internet boosters or WiFi signal boosters, give your signal a boost to extend the reach. Some WiFi booster types are better for larger homes than others:

  • MoCA adaptersor WiFi range extenders require a pair of devices to create a blanket of coverage in your home to eliminate weak signal areas. This solution can be used in any-sized homes with added adapters.
  • Mesh WiFi is a whole-home system that also blankets your home in WiFi coverage to remove dead spots, but the setup is different with a mesh router and nodes. This solution is best for large homes.

Hitron’s WiFi Boosters are easy to use and install and eliminate dead spots. Check out more on Hitron’s Learn Page and blog for more.


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