What is a Wi-Fi Signal Booster & How Does it Improve Your Wi-Fi?
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If your wireless Internet (Wi-Fi) performance is not satisfying your needs, then you need to boost it. You can do this with Wi-Fi signal boosters.

Wi-Fi signal boosters and Wi-Fi boosters mean the same thing. They are the devices that you use to help out your home network. Specifically, they work with your router, since it is the device that controls your Wi-Fi connection. All Wi-Fi signal boosters extend the coverage of your Wi-Fi in a different way.


Types of Wi-Fi signal boosters

There are a few types of Wi-Fi boosters. They are Wi-Fi repeaters, Wi-Fi range extenders, Wi-Fi network extenders, and Wi-Fi mesh. Here is a link to the article where we cover what they do and the difference.

But here is a quick guide on what you need to know:

  • Wi-Fi repeater or Wi-Fi range extender – a device the re-broadcasts the same quality of Wi-Fi signal that it receives. You place this device between your router and the hard to reach area. “Wi-Fi repeater” and “Wi-Fi range extender” are often used as interchangeable terms.
  • Wi-Fi network extenders– a device that is similar to a range extender but with slightly more flexibility. Instead of creating a second network to extend coverage, they re-broadcast without impacting the network’s bandwidth output.


How a Wi-Fi booster makes your Wi-Fi better

Wi-Fi boosters make your Wi-Fi better by making the signal reach farther. This means that no matter where you are in your home (upstairs, downstairs, a distant back room, attic room, garage, or yard) you get the exact same reliable connection. No dead zones.

But this only works if your Wi-Fi signal is already strong and reliable. Your router needs to be transmitting a strong signal so that the boosters can carry that same strong signal throughout your home. That’s why it’s important to invest in equipment that will serve you the high-performing network you are looking for.

Hitron’s Wi-Fi booster offerings get you the high-performing network you want. They are flexible solutions whether you use Ethernet, MoCA, or Wi-Fi. Ask your Internet service provider about Hitron’s Wi-Fi boosters today. Want more like this? Check out Hitron’s Learn Page and Blog for more.


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