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A home WiFi network that is underperforming is telling you that it needs a boost. There are a handful of tools out there that can help enhance your network. One of which is a WiFi range extender.

WiFi range extenders are a type of WiFi booster. WiFi range extenders help your WiFi signal coverage by stretching the reach of the signal to all areas. You can use a WiFi range extender to get access to the Internet both inside and outside of your home.


How they work:

To use a WiFi range extender, you can connect it to your router and place it between your router and the hard to reach area. You can connect the extender to your router wirelessly or with a wired connection. Either way, the wireless range extender re-broadcasts the existing WiFi signal, so you want to make sure your WiFi signal is strong to start.

The effectiveness of a WiFi range extender can be hindered by things like:

  • The speed of the internet connection coming into your home
  • The distance placed from your router
  • The areas in your home that need WiFi coverage
  • Your household WiFi demands

The best WiFi extenders are:

  • Easy to install
  • Secure
  • Flexible enough to support Ethernet, MoCA and WiFi
  • Able to create a high-performing network


Why might you want a WiFi range extender?

You would want to buy a WiFi range extender if you are experiencing dead spots in your home. These are the areas where you get a weak connection or none at all. You can also use a WiFi range extender to extend the reach of your Internet to hard to reach places like your basement, upper levels in your home, back rooms, the garage and even in your backyard.

The extender helps get your existing wireless signal to reach and eliminate dead spots (or dead zones). Dead zones occur because of interferences like thick walls, furniture or appliance obstructions or too much distance from your router.

WiFi range extenders only work well if the signal is already strong. Otherwise, you are extending a weak signal, not boosting it. If your home Internet is suffering because your signal is weak in general, that is something you will need to fix before using a range extender.

Hitron’s WiFi range extender offerings are a flexible solution to getting the high-performing home WiFi network you want, whether that is through Ethernet, MoCA, or WiFi. Ask your Internet service provider about Hitron’s WiFi boosters today.

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