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A Wi-Fi booster does what the name implies, it gives your Wi-Fi network a little boost. In other words, it is a device that improves the reach of your Wi-Fi signal. “Wi-Fi Booster” is a catch-all term that covers a few different devices. But the main thing that you need to know is that all Wi-Fi booster devices do the same thing. They extend the reach of your Wi-Fi signal. However, each type of device does this in a different way. Some different types of Wi-Fi boosters or names that you may (or may not) have heard of before are:

  • Wireless repeaters 
  • Wireless range extenders
  • Wireless network extenders

Let’s go over each type, the difference between each, and what they do.


Different Types or Wi-Fi Boosters

There are a few types of Wi-Fi boosters. While they each boost your Wi-Fi, it’s important to understand the differences between the devices. The device you use matters. Here are three types of Wi-Fi boosters, what they do, and the right one for you:


Wireless Repeater

A wireless repeater is a Wi-Fi booster device the re-broadcasts the same quality of Wi-Fi signal that it receives. This means that if your Wi-Fi signal is weak, the repeater will extend the reach of the weak signal. This device does not make your signal stronger in the long run. It may improve the signal strength and latency for a short amount of time, but you wouldn’t want to use a repeater unless you already have a strong signal. 


Wireless range extenders

A wireless range extender is a device that you place between your router and the hard to reach area. Similar to a repeater, the wireless range extender re-broadcasts the existing signal. Wireless range extenders operate on a different wireless channel than the one your router uses, so there is no interruption there. However, where you place your range extender matters. If it’s not in an optimal position to your router, it may not get sufficient Wi-Fi signals from your router, which will negatively affect your streaming, online gaming, and more. That’s why with a wireless range extender, you hardwire it to your router to extend the signal reach.

Wireless network extenders

A wireless network extender is your best option for consistent, reliable, and fast Wi-Fi. These devices communicate directly with your cable modem router or router via a wire similar to a range extender.  Using Wi-Fi network extenders in your home reduces the distance between your wireless devices and the Wi-Fi signal from your router to increase the speed and performance of each device. 


How Wi-Fi Boosters Work

By nature, wireless Internet has vulnerabilities. One of those vulnerabilities is being prone to interferences which results in having a weak Wi-Fi signal. A weak Wi-Fi signal causes dead spots in your home or office. Wi-Fi can easily be interfered with by things like thick walls, a router that is poorly located in your home, or interference from appliances and other devices.

Even if you have the best modem or router, this can still occur. To get a better Wi-Fi signal coverage in your space, you can use Wi-Fi boosters like the ones listed above.


How to know if you need a Wi-Fi booster

If your Wi-Fi isn’t satisfactory and you are looking for reliable Wi-Fi in every corner of your home, then you need a Wi-Fi booster. 

Hitron’s offerings of Wi-Fi Boosters are easy to use and install and eliminate dead spots inside and outside of your home. Hitron’s 4×4 802.11ac Wi-Fi Extender is a flexible solution to getting the high-performing network you want, whether that is through Ethernet, MoCA, or Wi-Fi. Ask your Internet service provider about Hitron’s Wi-Fi boosters today.

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