What is a Mesh Network and How Can it Improve My Wi-Fi?
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If you have a large home or a home with many floors, you may want to invest in a mesh Wi-Fi network to improve your Wi-Fi. If your Wi-Fi coverage is suffering, consider a mesh network.


What is a mesh network?

Wi-Fi mesh (or mesh Wi-Fi) is a Wi-Fi boosting system that covers your entire home. It is a group of devices that all coordinate with one another to cover your home with a reliable, strong Wi-Fi signal. A mesh network includes a mesh router, a modem and units that you place throughout your home wherever you need to extend Wi-Fi signal coverage. These units are sometimes called nodes or pods, this can change depending on the brand.

A traditional Wi-Fi network is different than a mesh network because devices connect to a single router, and all communication passes through that single router (which is a single access point). The more distance you put between you and your devices and your router, the weaker your Wi-Fi signal. With a mesh system, you have multiple Wi-Fi access points with the node units, so you are never too far away from an access point.


How a Wi-Fi mesh network improves your Wi-Fi

A mesh network improves your Wi-Fi by making sure you have a solid connection wherever you are in your home. You could be upstairs, in the basement, in the garage, or outside. If you have the node/units set up correctly, you will have good Wi-Fi coverage there.

Mesh Wi-Fi takes the radio signal from your Wi-Fi router and re-broadcasts it to the nodes to improve your signal strength and reach. By design, mesh Wi-Fi extends the area of Wi-Fi coverage in your home or office to create a reliable Internet connection everywhere.

Wi-Fi boosters all work to re-broadcast the Wi-Fi signal you have. While mesh Wi-Fi does it one way, other more attainable individual Wi-Fi booster devices work in a different way.

Alternatives to a mesh network

While mesh Wi-Fi is a great solution for some homes, it can be expensive. There are other Wi-Fi boosters that help get better coverage in your home for less cost.

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