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What does it mean to “superboost” your Wi-Fi? Essentially, it is a term that refers to making your Wi-Fi network so strong that it seems bulletproof. However, we all know that the nature of wireless Internet is that it is vulnerable to obstacles and interference. So, it can never be bulletproof, but you can “superboost” it to seem that way. Here’s how:


How boosting your Wi-Fi solves the issue

If your Wi-Fi is slow or experiencing other issues, you might need to give your Wi-Fi signal a boost. Boosting your Wi-Fi signal to a good signal will help enhance your Internet’s overall performance.

A weak or non-existent Wi-Fi signal prevents you from connecting to the Internet like you want to. A weak or dead Wi-Fi signal is what causes lag while gaming, buffering while streaming videos, dropped calls when you are in a virtual meeting or online class, and makes uploading or downloading content a nightmare.

Even if you are able to connect on your weak signal, your experience trying to download, upload and browsing speeds will be slow. But boosting your Wi-Fi signal will help you avoid the inconvenience of slow or dropped connection.

What you need to do to superboost your Wi-Fi

You can boost your Wi-Fi signal in a few ways. Here are some tips:

  1. Try moving your router to a central location.
    Your router should be as central as possible to where you use your devices and off of the floor. If your router is far away from your devices, you will not get any service, especially if you Wi-Fi signal is weak.
  2. Upgrade your router.
    Your signal could be struggling if your router is outdated. If you bought your router instead of renting it from your Internet service provider (ISP) and it’s more than two or three years old, you should invest in a new router.
  3. Invest in Wi-Fi boosters
    Once you have boosted your signal with the tips above, you can use Wi-Fi boosters to help stretch the reach to every corner of your home. Wi-Fi boosters can use the existing coax cabling in your home to create a fast and reliable home network.

Following these superboosting tips will help improve your Wi-Fi signal. Giving your Wi-Fi network a boost is a common practice, and this will not be the last time you have to do it. It’s the nature of Wi-Fi. Hitron’s Wi-Fi booster offerings help you make sure that your Wi-Fi signal is always at its peak and working for you, not against you. For more tips and answer to questions, check out Hitron’s Learn Page and Hitron’s blog.

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