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If your gaming is suffering on your home Wi-Fi network, know that it doesn’t have to anymore. Wi-Fi is always at risk for interferences, unreliable connection and slow speeds, which are all issues that result in lag.

The biggest frustration for online gamers (aside from losing the game). If you want to be able to online game in real time every time you connect, then you need to boost your wireless Internet connection. The best way to do that for gaming is to look to a wired connection. That might sound archaic, but it’s not.

There are better wired solutions out there. One of which is MoCA technology. Maybe in the past having a wired setup like Ethernet Internet was a nightmare because of the expensive installation and wires cluttering your home. With MoCA, it’s not the case. You get the best of both worlds in your home: the convenience of wireless Internet and the reliability of wired Internet.


Why Your Gaming Might be Suffering

Chances are that your gaming is suffering because your Wi-Fi network is suffering. Usually, this is because your Wi-Fi signal is weak. A weak signal suffers to reach every corner of your home, which greatly reduces Wi-Fi speed, which results in lag.

You see the issue.

But when you pair a wired solution like MoCA with your Wi-Fi network you get the boost that you need. MoCA helps get a solid Internet connection to every corner of your home, even the hard to reach places like basements or the garage. (Do you game in your garage? Doesn’t matter, MoCA can help. No judgements.)


Use MoCA to Make Online Gaming Better

Here’s how MoCA works:

MoCA (or Multimedia over Coax Alliance) uses the existing coaxial cables already in your home to create an Ethernet-like connection. It is a reliable, super-fast Internet connection which is perfect for gaming.

Here’s how to set up your MoCA adapters:

  • Get at least two MoCA adapters like the HT-EM4 MoCA adapters
  • Connect one adapter to your router
  • Connect the other adapter to your gaming device

When your Internet is better, your gaming better. It’s as simple as that. By using MoCA adapters in your home, you will improve your Internet connection for gaming, because wiring up makes your Wi-Fi faster and more reliable. Want to learn more about what MoCA can do? Check out Hitron’s Learn page for more resources.


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