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Whether or not a Wi-Fi booster really works for you depends on a few things:

Is your Wi-Fi signal weak?

Then Wi-Fi boosters probably will not work for you. This is because Wi-Fi boosters typically require a strong Wi-Fi signal in the first place. They are designed to take the existing Wi-Fi signal (ideally strong) and stretch the range.

Is your Wi-Fi signal strong?

Then they will probably work! Why just “probably?” The reason that the answer isn’t a resounding “yes” is because by nature Wi-Fi is vulnerable to interferences. So, while yes, a strong Wi-Fi signal checks the box for what a Wi-Fi booster needs to be successful, if there are interferences, then the range could possibly be affected, especially if your home is large and the obstacle is distance from your router.

Is your living space small?

Yes, they will work! Wi-Fi boosters are designed to make Wi-Fi coverage go farther and they work with a traditional router system that broadcasts a signal from a single point. So, in a small apartment or home, this will work well.

Is your living space large?

It depends on what you use, but yes, they will work. In a large home, you can get away with a traditional router system and Wi-Fi booster set up. Specifically, you would want to use a Wi-Fi range extender or network extender to get the job done.

You could also consider mesh Wi-Fi as a kind of Wi-Fi booster, since it is designed for larger spaces. Instead of being one device added to your traditional network, mesh Wi-Fi is a whole host of new equipment that creates a whole home mesh system. A mesh system is designed to create seamless, full coverage in your home. Mesh Wi-Fi could be the future of your home network. If you have a large home and the budget to invest, go for it. But a traditional network with Wi-Fi boosters also works.

How to decide the right solution for you:

Like most home network solutions, the best option for you is the one that matches your situation and preferences.

Use Wi-Fi boosters if:

  • You want a cost-friendly solution
  • You have a strong Wi-Fi signal but need it to go farther
  • Your living situation is temporary
  • Your living space is small

Invest in mesh Wi-Fi if:

  • You are looking to upgrade your whole Wi-Fi set up
  • Your budget allows for it
  • You have a strong Wi-Fi signal but need it to go farther
  • Your living situation is permanent or for the foreseeable future
  • Your living space is large

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