How In-Floor Heating Can Affect Your WiFi Signal

July 26, 2021

If you have a weak or dead WiFi signal, it may be affected by your in floor or radiant heating. Really. Surprisingly, there are a lot of different factors and obstacles that can interfere with your WiFi signal. In your troubleshooting, you’ve restarted your router and modem, verified you have WiFi signal, and followed all of the other checks needed to ensure your WiFi should be working smoothly, but it still isn’t. The next step is to check if there are any obstacles or interferences that may be impeding the performance of your WiFi signal, so let’s unpack this.

In-floor heating

WiFi signal communicates via radio waves that travel through your WiFi router to get to where they are going.  When it comes to these waves travelling through multiple levels that have radiant in floor heating, the metallic mesh in the radiant heating system can impede your WiFi signal.

Electronic devices

Many electronic devices and household technologies can also interfere with the frequency of your wireless network and WiFi. From WiFi-based devices like cell phones, microwaves and baby monitors to satellite dishes and devices that use Bluetooth technology.

Physical obstructions

Even brick walls and concrete can hurt your WiFi signal, which is why having a MoCA adapter that can pierce through walls is important to the health and integrity of your network backbone. Physical obstructions block signal from reaching your desired technologies.


WiFi routers and modems, while great, often need a little help in terms of expanding their coverage. If your router is on one side of your home but your gaming system is on the other, your WiFi signal may not reach.

There is a solution that can combat these interferences, called MoCA technology.

By adding a MoCA adapters like the HT-EM4 MoCA 2.5 Coax to Ethernet Cable Adapter, you can create a fast, reliable, wired network backbone capable of providing up to 1 Gbps speeds to your network and handling all of your HD streaming, video games, conference calls and more. Plus, MoCA is not affected by all of these obstacles.  The great news is, you can get both a wired and a WiFi connection with at MoCA network by connecting an Access Point or Router to your MoCA network to increase your WiFi coverage and speeds throughout your home.

Read our complete guide on MoCA or for additional WiFi performance insights, visit our Learn page or Hitron’s Blog.


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