Got Coax Wiring? Use it for Better WiFi

April 22, 2021

You do not have to keep dealing with subpar WiFi. It is frustrating and exhausting to try and find the only spots in your home that get a good connection. Instead, you could not think about it at all if every room had solid WiFi.

There are easy fixes to boost your WiFi to make it better. And, it does not have to be expensive. Did you know that most homes have coaxial wiring in the walls from previous cable installations? And did you know that you can use that same wiring to create an Ethernet-like Internet connection to get better WiFi? Keep reading.

What is Coax Wiring?

Coaxial cable wiring, or coax wiring, is the wiring used to get a cable TV and Internet connection. If you have ever had these services, then coax wires are in your home. One way to tell if you have coax is to look around your home and find the coax jack outlets. These types of outlets have a silver prong for a coax cable to screw onto it.


How to Use Coax Wiring to get Better WiFi

You can use coax wiring to get better wireless Internet by creating an Ethernet backbone for your network. This means that your bandwidth heavy devices like gaming consoles can wire up via Ethernet over coax to free up your WiFi to perform better for your mobile devices.

You can create the Ethernet over coax network by using devices called MoCA adapters. The setup is easy:

You will need at least two MoCA adapters if your modem or router does not have MoCA built in. Then, all you do is:

  1. Connect one adapter to a coax jack and into your router.
  2. Connect the second adapter into the device you want to use to connect to the Internet.

That’s it! Using the coax wiring that you already have and HT-EM4 MoCA adapters makes converting your network into better Internet both affordable and easy.

For more about improving your WiFi, check out Hitron’s Learn Page or blog.

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