Can I Connect My Cable Modem to a WiFi Router?

March 30, 2022

Your WiFi router gives you the ability to connect multiple devices to your Internet connection, wirelessly.  But to even get an Internet connection at all, you first need a cable modem. So, can you connect your cable modem to a WiFi router?  Yes, you can.  Read on!


Checklist of Items You Will Need:

  • Cable Modem
  • ✓ WiFi Router
  • ✓ Two Ethernet Cables
  • ✓ Coax (coaxial) cable
  • ✓ Modem power cord
  • ✓ WiFi Router power cord

Please note:  Before setting up your new cable modem, you need to disconnect your old modem from your coax outlet and computer or router.


How to Connect a Cable Modem & WiFi Router

Connecting your cable modem and router comes down to following these 4 easy steps:

Step 1

Set up your cable modem by connecting the coaxial cable into an active coax outlet and plug the other end into your cable modem.  Connect the modem power cord into an electrical outlet, hen connect the other end to your new modem.

Step 2

Plug in your router to your cable modem using an Ethernet cable (Ethernet cables are typically yellow in color). One end goes into the Ethernet port on the back of your modem, the other end plugs into the back of the wireless router (port may be labeled “Internet”, “WAN” or “modem”).  Plug in the WiFi router power cord into an electrical outlet and the other end into the back of the WiFi router.

Step 3

Turn on your modem and your router to make sure they are getting power. This could take a few minutes to start up and for all of the lights to come on.  Next, plug in your computer to your router using an Ethernet cord and plug it in to one of the Ethernet ports.

Step 4

Test the WiFi network connection using your computer or a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet to go to a website URL, such as  If you are able to load the website, you have been successful!  To verify which lights should be on your cable modem and WiFi router, check the manufacturer’s user manual.

That’s it.


How to Get the Most from Your Internet Connection

Internet connection speeds and performance can be affected by many factors, but none more so, than the technology you are using in your cable modem or router.  Make sure you are using the latest in technology, such as a DOCSIS 3.1 cable modem or WiFi router to get the absolute best performance and fastest Internet speeds throughout your home.

Hitron’s CODA DOCSIS 3.1 Cable Modem is available on Amazon. The CODA has DOCSIS 3.1 to deliver the fastest Gigabit speeds to your connected devices, up to 6 Gbps, including your wireless devices when you connect it to a WiFi router.

Learn more about cable modems or cable modem routers by reading Hitron’s ​Learn Page​.

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