Can a coax cable go bad?

October 5, 2022

Coaxial cable, also called coax wiring, is made up layers of metal wire and a protective plastic outer sheath.  Coax wiring will go bad especially if it is exposed to heat, becomes bent, is chewed, cut or damaged by some other means.  Here are some of the main issues to look for that can affect your signal over coax wiring.


Why do coax cables go bad over time?

It’s easy to believe that coax wires are indestructible. We fling them around, wrap them around things, shove them in corners, step on them, bend them, and more. This seems like not a big deal, but in fact these acts add up.

Common things that can cause coax cable damage are:

  • Excessive heat
  • Wires becoming bent, cut or damaged
  • Animal chews

Sometimes we pay little attention to proper handling and storage with cables and wires. Coaxial cables are prone to breaking and going bad. That’s why it’s important to intentionally take care of them and check your wires for the most common ways they can get damaged.

Damaged cables = bad cable connection.


How to tell if your coax cables are bad

So how do you know if your cables have gone bad? Bad coax cable symptoms to look out for include these two big things:

  1. Poor Internet connection, or lack thereof, and
  2. Connected devices like your TV not displaying anything.

While these signs can give you a clue that your cables need to be addressed, you don’t have to guess.


How to test if your coax cables are good

You can easily test your coax outlets or cables, and it doesn’t require an electrical engineering degree. The best way to test your cables, is with a coax cable tester from Hitron.

By using a coax cable tester you can identify if you have bad cables. The test detects if there is a valid Broadband signal or not. This helps determine if your cables have gone bad. A weak connection signifies the cables are not performing as they once did.

Three easy steps to test your coax cables:

  1. Get the very affordable coax cable tester from Hitron
  2. Plug the tester into a coax outlet or cable and push the button
  3. In less than 10 seconds, you will know whether you have a valid Broadband signal at the coax outlet or on your coax cable.

You don’t have to wrestle with bad coax cables any longer. You deserve the Internet performance you’re paying for, so make sure your coax cables are performing their best. Hitron’s DSS-01 Coax Cable Tester is now available on Amazon to purchase.

Want to learn more about getting a better internet connection or WiFi signal? Check out more articles from us on our Learn page.

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