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MoCA adapters form a wired network using your existing coax cable wiring in your home.  But will they work with an Ethernet switch to allow you to connect multiple devices to your MoCA network?

First, it’s important to cover some basic information, like what MoCA adapters are and what an Ethernet switch is. Then, we will talk about how they work together.


What are MoCA Adapters?

Any home with cable-TV wiring (coax wiring) is a candidate for MoCA. Whether you actually use that wiring for cable TV or not, you can use the existing wires to extend and create a wired Internet backbone throughout your home via Ethernet over coax (MoCA). MoCA is secure, and was designed to transport very high-bandwidth data, which gives you faster Internet, plus it is easy to set up.

To convert your coaxial TV wiring into an Ethernet network, you would use MoCA adapters. MoCA adapters transform your coax wiring into a Gigabit Ethernet connection, helping to extend your Ethernet network to every room that has a coax wire or outlet. Normally, you need two adapters. One at either end of your coaxial network. But, depending on your router’s MoCA capabilities, the number of adapters you need varies. You may only need one if you have a MoCA router. Most commonly, you will only need two. But if you have a large home, you may need more than two.

Regardless of the number of MoCA adapters, you can use them with an Ethernet switch to extend the coverage.

What is an Ethernet Switch?

An Ethernet switch is a device that acts as a central place for wired network devices to connect and communicate with one another. Sometimes routers will have Ethernet switch functionality built in (similar with routers with built-in MoCA). But in general, an Ethernet switch is not the same thing as a router. They are separate devices.

When talking about Ethernet switches and the functionality there are different terms used that you should know and their differences:

  • Ethernet switch & Network switch are the same thing. These devices keep track of the plugged-in devices accessing the network by their Media Access Control addresses (MAC addresses) within a Local Area Network (LAN). They receive and then send data packets to designated ports without causing lag on a network.
  • Ethernet hub is very different from an Ethernet switch in that it does not have the same network “intelligence” to direct traffic, and simply distributes packets of data over your network which is why Ethernet hubs are rarely used today.

Ethernet switches are inexpensive and are widely available from reputable manufacturers.


How MoCA Adapters and an Ethernet Switch Work Together

Back to the original question, can they work together? Yes. Here’s how:

MoCA adapters have an Ethernet port that allows you to connect directly to a device to get solid, uninterruptable wired Internet. However, if you have more than one device in a room that you need to connect, you can use a 5-port or 8-port Ethernet switch connected to your MoCA adapter to get more ports to connect to.

Simply plug the MoCA adapter to the switch and you will be able to connect as many devices in the room as you want to be served by that one MoCA adapter.

With multiple MoCA adapters and Ethernet switch setups in your home, you could have one adapter and an Ethernet switch dedicated to your home theater and PC setup, and the other adapter and Ethernet switch dedicated to all of your gaming consoles for lag-free gaming. The possibilities are endless.

Hitron’s MoCA Adapters can easily connect with an Ethernet switch to improve your home WiFi coverage and your overall home network performance.  For more information on MoCA technology, MoCA adapters, and related topics, check out Hitron’s ​Learn Page​ and blog.


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