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MoCA is great for supporting your home Internet and Wi-Fi to make sure all of your entertainment devices and work devices have a strong Internet connection. Setting up a MoCA network is easy, but to do so you need to make sure you have all of the compatible devices.


MoCA and How it Works

MoCA is a technology for interconnecting your of home devices over coaxial cable.

MoCA does this by converting the existing coax wiring in your home to an Ethernet network. The advantage of MoCA is that you can get a powerful whole-home network that benefits from a wired connection without running Ethernet through your walls. This saves you a lot of money, construction projects, and frustration.

To set up or install your MoCA network, you need at least two MoCA-enabled endpoints to create the complete network. You can do this with either a MoCA-enabled router and one MoCA adapter, or two MoCA adapters with your existing cable modem router (gateway).

Since a MoCA network is wired, it flawlessly supports all compatible, high bandwidth devices and applications. Think about all of your entertainment devices and devices you use for working from home or school from home. These are the ones you will want MoCA to support.


Types of Devices that are compatible with MoCA

While MoCA is a fairly versatile technology, there are some specific MoCA compatible devices that you will need to have to set up a successful MoCA network. Some of these MoCA-enabled devices can be:

  • MoCA Network Adapters – MoCA network adapters work to convert your coax wiring to an Ethernet over coax network (MoCA network). You need these to get a MoCA network.
  • MoCA Wi-Fi Extenders – These devices help boost the reach of your Wi-Fi signal coverage.
  • MoCA Routers – MoCA-enabled routers have built-in MoCA technology which means they require you to only use one MoCA network adapter to create your network.

You can identify a MoCA-enabled device by looking to see if it has “MoCA” somewhere on the actual device. For example, a MoCA-router should tell you on the device itself. You can also log into your router’s configuration settings and look for “MoCA” within the settings.

Aside from the adapters, extenders and routers, any device that you own with an Ethernet port is compatible with MoCA. This means that MoCA is compatible with and supports things like HDTV, personal computers, work computers, gaming consoles like Xbox and PlayStation, streaming HD audio and media, and more.

Start creating your MoCA network today with Hitron’s HT-EM4 MoCA 2.5 adapters. For more about MoCA and tips on enhancing your Wi-Fi connection, check out our Learn Page and blog.

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